Public Outreach supported activities

Communicating our scientific know-how and our technological ability, especially to future generations, is a fundamental aim of the IAC and part of the debt we owe to the world we live in. The Severo Ochoa Programme is significantly contributing to this mission by supporting the following key actions:


Outreach videos on the IAC research lines

The IAC, Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence, has produced five videos with the aim of showing, in a clear and didactic way, its main lines of research. Audiovisuals present the scientific value of the research conducted at the center, its capacity and experience in the development of instrumentation and technology projects, and the quality of its staff. 'Solar Physics', 'Planetary Systems', 'Stellar and Interstellar Physics', 'Formation and Evolution of Galaxies' and 'Cosmology and Astroparticles' are the titles of the five videos of the 'IAC Investigates' series.


100xCIENCIA Forum: Communicating Frontier Science 

This international meeting gathered together journalists and science popularizers of recognized prestige, with important scientists and communication staff of the 20 centers with the Severo Ochoa Excellence award, with the aim of disseminating science and creating a collaboration space to optimize their communication and outreach efforts. The IAC has been the host institution of this first 100xCIENCIA meeting, held in La Palma.

More information in the 100xCIENCIA website 


Römer Project

Celebrating 2015 as the International Year of Light and the anniversaries of a number of discoveries in the field during the past thousand years, the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canaries (IAC) and the Museum of Science and the Cosmos (MCC) has set in operation the “Römer Project” in which participants are invited to collaborate in the measurement of the velocity of light, which is represented in physics by the letter “c”.

See more information at the Römer project web page (in Spanish)


SolarLab Project

The IAC launched the SolarLab, an outreach project aiming to bring the mysteries of the Sun to secondary schools and colleges in the Canary Islands. The project loans three solar telescopes to educational centres so that students can observe the closest star to the Earth for one week .
The project will run for two years and will be supplemented with educational courses for teaching staff of the secondary schools and colleges participating in the Canary Islands, in order to improve their knowledge of the star.

See more information at the SolarLab web page (in Spanish)


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