VOICES: Debra and Bruce Elmegreen

Interview with Bruce G. Elmegreen and Debra M. Elmegreen

As well as husband and wife, they are also one of the most important couples in contemporary Astrophysics. They not only share their lives but also have common scientific interests: they are among the world’s leading experts in the formation and evolution of galaxies. Bruce is a researcher in the Physical Science Department of the IBM Research Division, and Debra is Professor of Astronomy at the prestigious Vassar College. Both collaborate on a regular basis with several research groups at the IAC. Towards the end of 2014 they worked for a period at the IAC within the Visiting Scholars Programme of the Jesús Serra Foundation. >> VOCES interview

Working at the limit: the lowest mass stars, coldest brown dwarfs and exoplanets

Interview with Adam Burgasser

Adam Burgasser, professor at the Department of Physics of the University of California San Diego, is one of the world experts in the field of substellar objects. Indeed, his research on the coldest brown dwarfs led to the designation of a new stellar spectral class, the T dwarfs, and also to the discovery of the first L-type subdwarfs. He is visiting the IAC within the Severo Ochoa-CEI Canarias Campus Atlántico Tricontinental Senior Visitor Program. >>Read the interview

Rebels with a (still unknown) cause: massive galaxies in a hierarchical Universe

Interview with Pablo G. Pérez González

Pérez González, Professor at the Astrophysics Department of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, is particularly interested in understanding how galaxies known as “massive quiescent galaxies” have evolved during the lifetime of the Universe. Pérez Gonzalez has recently visited the IAC within the Severo Ochoa Senior Visitor Programme.  >> Read the interview

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