Seminario "ESO Wide Field Spectrometers, Present and Future", por Peter Hammersley PDF Imprimir
Martes 23 de Octubre de 2012 08:02

Hoy martes, a las 12:30 (hora canaria), Peter Hammersley, investigador del Observatorio Europeo Austral (European Southern Observatory, ESO), ofrecerá el seminario "Presente y futuro de los espectrómetros de amplio campo de ESO (ESO Wide Field Spectrometers, Present and Future)". Será en el Aula del IAC y podrán seguir la charla en directo vía streaming.

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The visible survey spectrometers, VIMOS and FLAMES, have need in successful operation for nearly a decade. and within the next few weeks these will be joined by KMOS and near IR mulit-IFU spectrometer. There are also two new instruments in their early design stages, MOONS a near IR Fibre fed spectrometer and 4MOST a visible fibre fed spectrometer. This talk will present these instruments and the observing opportunity that these will provide.