Seminario "El proyecto SUMO: un sondeo de múltiples poblaciones en cúmulos globulares", por Matteo Monelli PDF Imprimir
Martes 06 de Noviembre de 2012 09:39

Hoy martes, a las 12:30 (hora canaria), Matteo Monelli, miembro Consolider-GTC del equipo UNIVERSO LOCAL-IAC, ofrecerá, junto con Antonio Milone (investigador del Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, IAC) el seminario "El proyecto SUMO: un sondeo de múltiples poblaciones en cúmulos globulares" (The SUMO project: a survey of multiple populations in globular clusters). Será en el Aula del IAC y podrán seguir la charla en directo vía streaming.

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The classical idea that globular clusters are the prototypes of simple stellar populations has been revolutionized in the last few years. Multiple sequences of stars have been detected in the colour-magnitude diagram of a number of clusters, mostly thanks to high-precision HST photometry, and the correlation with the chemical properties of different generations of stars has been demonstrated. In this talk, we will first present a summary of the observational picture, and we will then introduce the SUMO project (a SUrvey of Multiple pOpulations). This is a long-term project, lead here at the IAC and aimed at detecting and characterizing multiple populations in a large sample of globular clusters. We will review the scope, the observing and reduction strategy, and the first results. So far, data for more than 30 clusters have been secured, using the wide field imagers available at the 2.2m ESO/MPI and INT telescope, thus covering both hemispheres. We will present a new photometric index which turned out to be very effective in detecting multiple RGBs in nearly all the clusters analyzed so far. The connection with the chemical content of the different populations will be also discussed.