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1 Aguerri & Sánchez Janssen 2010; A Study of Catalogued Nearby Galaxy Clusters in the SDSS-DR4. II. Cluster Substructure
2 Amorín et al. 2010; On the oxygen and nitrogen chemical abundances and the evolution of the "green pea" galaxies
3 Aparicio Villegas et al. 2010; The ALHAMBRA Photometric System
4 Bihain et al. 2010; Near-infrared low-resolution spectroscopy of Pleiades L-type brown dwarfs
5 Bik et al. 2010; Sequential Star Formation in RCW 34: A Spectroscopic Census of the Stellar Content of High-mass Star-forming Regions
6 Caballero 2010; Reaching the boundary between stellar kinematic groups and very wide binaries. II. alpha Lib + KU Lib: a common proper motion system in Castor separated by 1.0 pc
7 Caballero 2010; Stars and brown dwarfs in the σ Orionis cluster. II. A proper motion study
8 Caballero et al. 2010; Finding the most variable stars in the Orion Belt with the All Sky Automated Survey
9 Cairós et al. 2010; Mapping the properties of blue compact dwarf galaxies: integral field spectroscopy with PMAS
10 Casares et al. 2010; On the mass of the neutron star in Cyg X-2
11 Clark et al. 2010; A serendipitous survey for variability amongst the massive stellar population of Westerlund 1
12 de Diego 2010; Testing Tests on Active Galactic Nucleus Microvariability
13 Degroote et al 2010; Detection of frequency spacings in the young O-type binary HD 46149 from CoRoT photometry
14 Delgado et al. 2010; Analysis of the stellar population in the central area of the HII region Sh 2-284
15 Dobrotka et al., 2010; Searching for flickering statistics in T CrB
16 Dougherty et al. 2010; Radio emission from the massive stars in the Galactic Super Star Cluster Westerlund 1
17 Durant et al., 2010; Decade time-scale modulation of low-mass X-ray binaries
18 Eff-Darwich et al. 2010; Comparative analysis of the impact of geological activity on the structural design of telescopes facilities in the Canary Islands, Chile and Hawaii
19 Eliche-Moral et al. 2010; On the buildup of massive early-type galaxies at z 1. I - Reconciling their hierarchical assembly with mass-downsizing
20 García et al 2010; The young stellar population of IC 1613. II. Physical properties of OB associations.
21 Gerogakakis et al. 2010; Infrared Excess sources: Compton thick QSOs, low-luminosity Seyferts or starbursts?
22 González Hernández & Casares 2010; Doppler tomography of the black hole binary A0620-00 and the origin of chromospheric emission in quiescent X-ray binaries
23 González Martín et al. 2010; The Soft X-ray and Narrow-line Emission of Mrk 573 on Kiloparsec Scales
24 Hammer et al. 2010; The HST/ACS Coma Cluster Survey. II. Data Description and Source Catalogs
25 Hayes et al. 2010; Escape of about five per cent of Lyman-alpha photons from high-redshift star-forming galaxies
26 Herrero et al. 2010; The nature of V39: an LBV candidate or LBV impostor in the very low metallicity galaxy IC 1613?
27 Huélamo et al 2010; A brown dwarf companion to the intermediate-mass star HR 6037
28 Huélamo et al 2010; Multi-wavelength study of the disk around the very low-mass star Par-Lup3-4
29 Hueyotl-Zahuantitla et al. 2010; On the Hydrodynamic Interplay Between a Young Nuclear Starburst and a Central Supermassive Black Hole
30 James et al. 2010: A VLT VIMOS integral-field spectroscopic study of perturbed blue compact galaxies: UM 420 and UM 462
31 Jiménez-Esteban et al. 2010; Multiple Shells Around G79.29+0.46 Revealed from Near-IR to Millimeter Data
32 Lodieu et al., 2010; GTC/OSIRIS Spectroscopic Identification of a Faint L Subdwarf in the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey
33 López Martí et al. 2010; On the low-mass diskless population of Corona Australis
34 López-Sanjuan et al., 2010; Spectro-photometric close pairs in GOODS-S: major and minor companions of intermediate-mass galaxies
35 López-Sanjuan et al., 2010; The Minor Role of Gas-Rich Major Mergers in the Rise of Intermediate-Mass Early Types at z less than 1
36 Marín-Franch et al., 2010; The Impact of Enhanced He and CNONa Abundances on Globular Cluster Relative Age-Dating Methods
37 Martín-Manjón et al. 2010; PopStar Evolutionary Synthesis Models II: Optical emission-line spectra from Giant H{sc ii} regions
38 Mason et al., 2010; Preliminary determinations of the masses of the neutron star and mass donor in the high mass X-ray binary system EXO 1722-363
39 Méndez-Abreu et al. 2010; Which Galaxies Host Bars and Disks? A Study of the Coma Cluster
40 Méndez-Abreu et al., 2010; Structural properties of disk galaxies. II. Intrinsic shape of bulges
41 Monreal-Ibero et al. 2010; A study of the interplay between ionized gas and star clusters in the central region of NGC 5253 with 2D spectroscopy
42 Motch et al. 2010; The X-ray source content of the XMM-Newton Galactic plane survey
43 Moya et al 2010; Age determination of the HR8799 planetary system using asteroseismology
44 Moya et al. 2010; The planetary system host HR8799: on its λ Bootis nature
45 Negueruela et al. 2010; Another cluster of red supergiants close to RSGC1
46 Negueruela et al. 2010; The population of OB supergiants in the starburst cluster Westerlund 1
47 Otí-Floranes & Mas-Hesse 2010; Calibration of star formation rate tracers for short- and long-lived star formation episodes
48 Palau et al. 2010; Three intermediate-mass YSOs with different properties emerging from the same natal cloud in IRAS 00117+6412
49 Pérez González et al. 2010; Improving the identification of high-z Herschel sources with position priors and optical/NIR and FIR/mm photometric redshifts
50 Pérez-Gallego et al. 2010; 3D Spectroscopy of Local Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies: Kinematics of NGC 7673
51 Pilyugin et al. 2010; New Improved Calibration Relations for the Determination of Electron Temperatures and Oxygen and Nitrogen Abundances in H II Regions
52 Puga et al. 2010; Near-infrared spectroscopy in NGC 7538
53 Relaño et al., 2010; Spatially resolved study of the physical properties of the ionized gas in NGC 595
54 Ritchie et al. 2010; A VLT/FLAMES survey for massive binaries in Westerlund 1. II. Dynamical constraints on magnetar progenitor masses from the eclipsing binary W13
55 Sánchez & Alfaro 2010; The fractal spatial distribution of stars in open clusters and stellar associations
56 Sánchez et al. 2010; Cluster radius and sampling radius in the determination of cluster membership probabilities
57 Sánchez et al. 2010; Erratum: "The Fractal Dimension of Star-forming Regions at Different Spatial Scales in M33"
58 Sánchez et al. 2010; The Fractal Dimension of Star-forming Regions at Different Spatial Scales in M33
59 Sánchez-Almeida et al. 2010; Automatic Unsupervised Classification of All Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 7 Galaxy Spectra
60 Sánchez-Janssen et al., 2010; Thin discs, thick dwarfs and the effects of stellar feedback
61 Sánchez-Monge et al 2010; IRAS 22198+6336: Discovery of an Intermediate-mass Hot Core
62 Shahbaz et al. 2010; Observations of the quiescent X-ray transients GRS 1124-684 (=GU Mus) and Cen X-4 (=V822 Cen) taken with ULTRACAM on the VLT
63 Silich et al. 2010; On the extreme positive star-formation feedback condition in SCUBA sources
64 Simón Díaz et al. 2010; Is macroturbulent broadening in OB Supergiants related to pulsations?
65 Simón-Díaz 2010; The chemical composition of the Orion star forming region I. Homogeneity of O and Si abundances in B-type stars
66 Simón-Díaz et al. 2010; Observational Evidence for a Correlation Between Macroturbulent Broadening and Line-profile Variations in OB Supergiants
67 Stroud et al. 2010; The eclipsing, double-lined, Of supergiant binary Cyg OB2-B17
68 Tenorio-Tagle et al. 2010; Supersonic Line Broadening within Young and Massive Super Star Clusters
69 Torrejón et al. 2010; A Chandra Survey of Fluorescence Fe Lines in X-ray Binaries at High Resolution
70 Torrejón et al. 2010; Near-infrared survey of High Mass X-ray Binary candidates
71 Vilardell et al. 2010; The distance to the Andromeda Galaxy from eclipsing binaries
72 Zapatero Osorio et al. 2010; Infrared and kinematic properties of the substellar object G 196-3B