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1 Aguerri 2012; Properties of the Photometric Components of Lenticular Galaxies
2 Aguerri et al. 2012; Dissecting the morphological and spectroscopic properties of galaxies in the local Universe. I. Elliptical galaxies
3 Alonso-Herrero et al. 2012; Probing the Nuclear and Circumnuclear Activity of NGC1365 in the Infrared
4 Amorín et al. 2012; Complex Gas Kinematics in Compact, Rapidly Assembling Star-forming Galaxies
5 Amorín et al. 2012; The star formation history and metal content of the "Green Peas". New detailed GTC-OSIRIS spectrophotometry of three galaxies
6 Balona et al. 2012; Kepler observations of the high-amplitude δ Scuti star V2367 Cyg
7 Bayo et al. 2012; Spectroscopy of very low-mass stars and brown dwarfs in the Lambda Orionis star-forming region. II. Rotation, activity and other properties of spectroscopically confirmed members of Collinder 69
8 Bessiere et al. 2012; The importance of galaxy interactions in triggering type II quasar activity
9 Caballero et al. 2012; Stars and brown dwarfs in the sigma Orionis cluster. III. OSIRIS/GTC low-resolution spectroscopy of variable sources
10 Casares et al 2012; On the binary nature of the gamma-ray sources AGL J2241+4454 (=MWC 656) and HESS J0632+057 (=MWC 148)
11 Castro et al. 2012; The ARAUCARIA project: Grid-based quantitative spectroscopic study of massive blue stars in NGC 55
12 Castro Rodríguez & López Corredoira 2012; The age of extremely red and massive galaxies at very high redshift
13 Clark et al. 2012; On the nature of candidate luminous blue variables in M 33
14 Clark et al. 2012; On the nature of the galactic early-B hypergiants
15 Cornelisse et al. 2012; The nature of the X-ray transient MAXI J0556-332
16 Corsini et al. 2012; Polar bulges and polar nuclear discs: the case of NGC 4698
17 Deshpande et al. 2012; Intermediate Resolution Near-infrared Spectroscopy of 36 Late M Dwarfs
18 Dobrotka et al. 2012; Flickering study of nova like systems KR Aur and UU Aqr
19 Eliche Moral et al. 2012; Evolution along the sequence of S0 Hubble types induced by dry minor mergers. I - Global bulge-to-disk structural relations
20 Elmegreen et al. 2012; Local Tadpole Galaxies
21 Esquej et al. 2012; The starburst-active galactic nucleus connection in the merger galaxy Mrk 938: an infrared and X-ray view
22 Fernández Martín et al. 2012; Ionization structure and chemical abundances of the Wolf-Rayet nebula NGC 6888 with integral field spectroscopy
23 Freire Ferrero et al. 2012; High Ionization Species in the Nearby Interstellar Medium from an Exhaustive Analysis of the IUE INES Database
24 García Muñoz et al. 2012; Glancing Views of the Earth: From a Lunar Eclipse to an Exoplanetary Transit
25 Golovin et al. 2012; FR Cnc Revisited: Photometry, Polarimetry and Spectroscopy
26 González Fernández & Negueruela 2012; A third cluster of red supergiants in the vicinity of the massive cluster RSGC3
27 González Fernández et al. 2012; The long bar as seen by the VVV survey: I. Color-magnitude diagrams
28 González Galán et al. 2012; Spin period evolution of GX 1+4
29 González Hernández et al. 2012; The Fast Spiral-in of the Companion Star to the Black Hole XTE J1118+480
30 González Martín & Vaughan 2012; X-ray variability of 104 active galactic nuclei. XMM-Newton power-spectrum density profiles
31 Gruel et al. 2012; Stellar velocity dispersion of luminous compact galaxies at intermediate redshift
32 Hernández Fernández et al 2012; Disentangling the Role of Environmental Processes in Galaxy Cluster
33 Hernández Fernández et al. 2012; UV to Far-IR Catalog of a Galaxy Sample in Nearby Clusters: Spectral Energy Distributions and Environmental Trends
34 Herrero et al. 2012; A peculiar Of star in the Local Group galaxy IC 1613
35 Iglesias Páramo et al. 2012; New insights on Stephan's Quintet: exploring the shock in three dimensions
36 Jiménez Esteban et al. 2012; Deep blank-field catalogue for medium- and large-sized telescopes
37 Jiménez-Esteban et al. 2012; Identification of red high proper-motion objects in Tycho-2 and 2MASS catalogues using Virtual Observatory tools
38 Kehrig et al. 2012; The ionized gas in the CALIFA early-type galaxies. I. Mapping two representative cases: NGC 6762 and NGC 5966
39 Koda et al. 2012; The Universal Initial Mass Function in the Extended Ultraviolet Disk of M83
40 Liimets et al. 2012; A Three-dimensional View of the Remnant of Nova Persei 1901 (GK Per)
41 Lillo Box et al. 2012; Multiplicity in transiting planet-host stars. A lucky imaging study of Kepler candidates
42 Lodieu et al. 2012; New ultracool subdwarfs identified in large-scale surveys using Virtual Observatory tools. I. UKIDSS LAS DR5 vs. SDSS DR7
43 Marcolino et al. 2012; HST/STIS spectroscopy of the magnetic Of?p star HD 108: the low state at ultraviolet wavelengths
44 Marino et al. 2012; Integral Field Spectroscopy and Multi-wavelength Imaging of the nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 5668: An Unusual Flattening in Metallicity Gradient
45 Martín 2012; Exoplanet plenitude
46 Martín Manjón et al. 2012; Evolution of star-forming dwarf galaxies: characterizing the star formation scenarios
47 Mason et al. 2012; The evolution and masses of the neutron star and donor star in the high mass X-ray binary OAO 1657-415
48 Mason et al. 2012; The Nuclear Infrared Emission of Low-luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei
49 Mayya et al. 2012; Flux calibrated emission line imaging of extended sources using GTC/OSIRIS Tunable Filters
50 Méndez Abreu et al. 2012; The intrinsic shape of bulges
51 Méndez Abreu et al. 2012; The Nature and Nurture of Bars and Disks
52 Méndez-Abreu et al. 2012; Fossil groups origins II. Unveiling the formation of the brightest group galaxies through their scaling relations
53 Mollá & Terlevich 2012; Modelling the composition of a massive star cluster ejecta
54 Monreal Ibero et al. 2012; The ionized gas in the central region of NGC 5253. 2D mapping of the physical and chemical properties
55 Morelli et al. 2012; Structure and dynamics of galaxies with a low surface-brightness disc - II. Stellar populations of bulges
56 Murgas et al. 2012; Narrow band Hα photometry of the super-Earth GJ 1214b with GTC/OSIRIS tunable filters
57 Negueruela & Marco 2012; The Young Open Cluster Berkeley 55
58 Negueruela et al. 2012; Red supergiants around the obscured open cluster Stephenson 2
59 Otí Floranes et al. 2012; Multiwavelength analysis of the Lyman alpha emitting galaxy Haro 2: relation between the diffuse Lyman alpha and soft X-ray emissions
60 Palau et al. 2012; A search for pre-substellar cores and proto-brown dwarf candidates in Taurus: multiwavelength analysis in the B213-L1495 clouds
61 Pérez et al. 2012; Bar pattern speed evolution over the last 7 Gyr
62 Petropoulou et al. 2012; Environmental Effects on the Metal Enrichment of Low-mass Galaxies in Nearby Clusters
63 Pilyugin et al. 2012; Abundance determination from global emission-line SDSS spectra: exploring objects with high N/O ratios
64 Prieto et al. (aceptado); Evolutionary paths among different red galaxy types at 0.3
65 Ramírez Alegría et al. 2012; Discovery of a young and massive stellar cluster. Spectrophotometric near-infrared study of Masgomas-1
66 Ramos Almeida et al. 2012; Are luminous radio-loud active galactic nuclei triggered by galaxy interactions?
67 Riviere-Marichalar et al. 2012; Detection of warm water vapour in Taurus protoplanetary discs by Herschel
68 Riviere-Marichalar et al. 2012; HD 172555: detection of 63 μm [OI] emission in a debris disc
69 Rodríguez Gil et al. 2012; The fight for accretion: discovery of intermittent mass transfer in BB Doradus in the low state
70 Rodríguez López et al. 2012; Pulsations in M dwarf stars
71 Russell et al. 2012; The near-infrared counterpart of 4U 1636-53
72 Sánchez Almeida et al. 2012; Qualitative interpretation of galaxy spectra
73 Sánchez et al. 2012; Integral field spectroscopy of a sample of nearby galaxies. II. Properties of the H ii regions
74 Sánchez Janssen & Aguerri 2012; Globular cluster systems as tracers of environmental effects on Virgo early-type dwarfs
75 Saxton et al. 2012; A tidal disruption-like X-ray flare from the quiescent galaxy SDSS J120136.02+300305.5
76 Schmidtobreick et al. 2012; Discovery of Halpha satellite emission in a low state of the SW Sextantis star BB Doradus
77 Scholz et al. 2012; Magnetic activity and accretion on FU Tau A: clues from variability
78 Smith et al. 2012; Fast X-ray transients towards the Galactic bulge with the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer
79 Smith et al. 2012; The impact of galaxy harassment on the globular cluster systems of early-type cluster dwarf galaxies
80 Tadhunter et al. 2012; PKS0347+05: a radio-loud/radio-quiet double AGN system triggered in a major galaxy merger