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1 Asensio Ramos & Ramos Almeida 2013; Constraining clumpy dusty torus models using optimized filter sets
2 Benítez et al (aceptado); Characterization of a sample of intermediate-type AGN. I. Spectroscopic properties and serendipitous discovery of new Dual AGN
3 Benítez et al (aceptado); Characterization of a sample of intermediate-type AGN. II. Host Bulge Properties and Black Hole Mass Estimates
4 Cappetta et al. (aceptado); The first planet detected in the WTS: an inflated hot-Jupiter in a 3.35 day orbit around a late F-star
5 Dufton et al. (aceptado); The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey X: Evidence for a bimodal distribution of rotational velocities for the single early B-type stars
6 García & Herrero (aceptado); The young stellar population of IC 1613. III. New O-type stars unveiled by GTC-OSIRIS
7 Mármol Queraltó et al. (aceptado); Characterizing the satellites of massive galaxies up to z~2: young populations to build the outskirts of nearby massive galaxies
8 Pérez González et al. (aceptado); SHARDS: an optical spectro-photometric survey of distant galaxies
9 Ramos Almeida et al. (aceptado); Probing nuclear activity versus star formation at z~0.8 using near-infrared multi-object spectroscopy
10 Sana et al. (aceptado); The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey VIII. Multiplicity properties of the O-type star population
11 Sánchez Almeida & Allende Prieto (aceptado); Automated unsupervised classification of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey stellar spectra using k-means clustering
12 Soleri et al. (aceptado); A complex state transition from the black hole candidate Swift J1753.5-0127
13 Westmoquette et al. (aceptado); Piecing together the puzzle of NGC 5253: abundances, kinematics and WR stars