Luz María Montoya Martínez EST
Optical Engineer

01/12/2013 - Now
My expertise is focussed in astronomical observations in spectroscopy, visible and infrared imaging, adaptive optics, that I acquired working at the Optics Department of Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias and as Support Astronomer at Calar Alto Observatory. I am currently in charge of the development of the Multi Conjugate Adaptive Optics for the European Solar Telescope (EST) at IAC. My work consists on the optimisation of the system performing the numerical simulations under different atmospheric conditions and observing elevations.


Nauzet Vega Reyes EST
Mechanical Engineer

15/11/2013 - Now
I am in charge of the analysis and optimization of the telescope structure, improving their mechanical stability against different astronomical observing conditions. Furthermore, I will perform the analysis and optimization of the telescope dome and the environment to minimize thermal effects of intense solar radiation on the telescope structure and its environment.



Miguel A. Esteves EST
Mechanical Engineer

13/01/2014 - Now
Member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in charge of the Analysis and Optimization for the Structure of EST project. My main duties are focused on the revision of previous analyses made for this project, making an up-to-date study enclosing some open points related to different structural alternatives, and considering also new proposals in order to guarantee mechanical stability under any astronomical observing condition.


Marta Puga Antolín AOLI
Optical Engineer

02/05/2013 - 01/11/2014
My main duties in the AOLI instruments are the tolerance analysis, opto-mechanical design and integration of the calibration subsystem in lab and for the first test of AOLI at WHT, La Palma. Moreover I am currently in charge of the calibration subsystem optical and mechanical re-design, tolerance analysis and integration of the subsystem. Finally, I will be responsible of the tolerance analysis and integration of the complete instrument for future telescope runs.



Oscar Tubío Araujo EUCLID
Electronics Engineer

03/09/2012 - 02/09/2013
I am a Telecommunication Engineer specialized in electronics, more precisely in ASIC design, FPGA prototyping, verification and test, with more than 12 years of experience in the research and development of projects in different fields like: high speed digital switches, space systems, hearing implants or next generation digital television receivers. I am currently involved in the ESA’s space mission EUCLID as part of the Spanish team in charge of the preliminary design of the NISP instrument control unit. 


Félix Gracia Témich HORUS
Optical Engineer

01/07/2013 - Now
My main interests lie in design, manufacturing and test of optical systems applied to the astronomy field and especially spectroscopy. My work consist on adapting the UES spectrograph to the GTC telescope, trnasforming it into a high optical resolution ultra-stable spectrograph (HORUS), which will be fed through optical fibers. For that purpose, the original design has been modified, what makes it more compact and all-around instrument.



José Vicente Gigante Ripoll HARMONI
Electronics Engineer

04/02/2014 - Now
I am member of the engineering team in charge of developing the HARMONI instrument, the first-light spectrograph for the 'European Extremely Large Telescope'(E-ELT). My main duty on this project is the design of the instrument's control electronics. My academic background was as Electronics Technician first, and Physicist specialized in electronics later. The main part of my professional career has been related with the development of instrumentation for astrophysics and particle accelerator facilities.


Christine Grivel Gelly EST
System Engineer

17/02/2014 - Now
My main duty is the management of the technical coordination of EST local team. Our objective is to verify some aspects of the baseline proposed at the end of the first conceptual design study and more particularly that the telescope provides the required image quality to the science instruments. We will close definitively some trade-offs, detail and improve EST concept mostly concerning the Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics (MCAO), telescope and dome.

Miguel Núñez Cagigal EMIR
Electronics Engineer
01/12/2014 - Now
As IAC Electronics Engineer I am responsible for EMIR instrument electronics. Now I contribute to EMIR integration at IAC and preparing the near future integration at the Gran Telescopio Canarias. My interests include infrared instruments, including detector and its electronics. Previously I have been involved in active stabilization systems in segmeted primary mirrors: edge sensors, position actuators and its control.


José Marco de la Rosa FRIDA
Software Engineer
01/04/2015 - Now
My main duty as a software engineer at IAC consists in the development of software for the imager and spectrographer, FRIDA, that will be installed in the Gran Telescopio de Canarias adaptive optics focus. My previous experience in the field of astrophysics includes ground control and monitoring software development, project requirement management applications development and daylight turbulence monitoring and data reduction software development.



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