Maria Lugaro

Stay at the IAC: 14/07/2015 to 14/08/2015

Research line: Stellar and Interstellar Physics

Dr. Lugaro is giving a Severo Ochoa seminar at the IAC on July 30th 2015, entitled “The last asymptotic giant branch star”.

She is currently a Momentum project leader of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at Konkoly Observatory in Budapest (Hungary), and holds an adjunt position at the Monash Centre for Astrophysics (MoCA) at Monash University in Melbourne (Australia). She has previously worked at the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), and the University of Cambridge (UK).

Her research interests are in the field of stellar nucleosyntheis. Her work involves the modelling of nuclear reactions in evolved low-mass stars, the interpretation of the composition of stars and meteoritic stardust grains, as well as of radioactivity signatures in meteorites. She has published more than 150 works, of which 51 refereed papers, one book, and one book chapter, and has more than 2900 citations to her work.

Scientific activity during the visit at the IAC:

During her stay at the IAC, she will collaborate with the group of Dr. D. A. García-Hernández on several projects related with the production of light elements (C, N, O) and heavy neutron-rich elements (s-process elements like Rb and Zr) in evolved stars such as AGB stars and Planetary Nebulae.

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