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Annually, as part of the long term program to form and attract young talent, the Severo Ochoa project invites applications for PhD Fellowships in the main areas of astrophysics research at the IAC. During the period of training, students carry out their doctoral studies at the University of La Laguna under the supervision of a tutor and undertake research work leading to a doctoral thesis as part of a research group at the IAC.

The IAC offers its doctoral students bibliographical, computing and observing facilities, and access to its own and international research projects, as well as the necessary funding for the effective undertaking of research activity. They will be based at the IAC's headquarters (La Laguna), a stimulating and keen working environment, with access to all Canary Islands telescopic and supercomputing facilities, including the 10.4m GTC, to other Spanish facilities, to ESO, ESA, and IRAM.

Nine PhD Students have already been selected by this program.

In addition,  the Severo Ochoa accreditation guarantees the participation of the IAC in the "La Caixa - Severo Ochoa" International PHD Program. Within this program, the "La Caixa" Foundation awards several PhD fellowships to be carried out in one of the Severo Ochoa Centres of Excellence.

Nine PhD Students have already been selected by this program.


Severo Ochoa PhD Fellowships 2015

The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias invites applications for 2 PhD contracts at the IAC in the framework of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness Severo Ochoa excellence program.

In 2015 the Severo Ochoa program at the IAC is inviting applications for PhD Fellowships in 2 main areas of astrophysics research: Solar Physics and Cosmology and Astroparticles. The Severo Ochoa PhD Fellowsips will cover the enrollment expenses in doctoral programs.

These fellowships include a one year postdoctoral orientation period (POP) for those students finishing their PhD in the first 3 years of the contract.

An additional financial aid will be available for the Severo Ochoa PhD Fellows to carry out activities that enhance their specialization and internationalization. Those activities will enable them to acquire new skills, share knowledge and all further boost the development of their thesis by conducting stays in other R & D centers, including companies, mainly foreigners, during the period of predoctoral training.

For more information about the application procedure, please check out the MINECO web page, or contact us at severoochoa at

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