Proceedings book

edited by Romano L.M. Corradi, Arturo Manchado and Noam Soker
I.A.C. electronic publication, 2009

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Conference organization

List of participants

  Part I: Asymmetry in the Planetary Nebula phase

The morphology and kinematics of planetary nebulae: a tribute to Hugo Schwarz
Romano L.M. Corradi, pag. 3

The Morphology and 3-D Structures of the Ionized, Molecular, and Dust Components of Planetary Nebulae
Sun Kwok, pag. 11

The Planetary Nebula Image Catalogue (PNIC)
Bruce Balick, pag. 19

Spitzer's View of Planetary Nebulae
Joseph L. Hora, pag. 27

X-ray Emission from Planetary Nebulae and their Central Stars: a Status Report
Joel H. Kastner, pag. 35

Spatially resolved spectroscopic studies of planetary nebulae and their halos
C. Sandin, D. Schönberner, M. M. Roth, M. Steffen, P. Böhm & A. Monreal-Ibero, pag. 43

Molecular hydrogen in NGC 6853
Arturo Manchado, Eva Villaver, Guillermo García-Segura, Jose-Antonio Acosta-Pulido & Rafael Barrena, pag. 51

3D Photoionisation Modelling of NGC 6302
N.J. Wright, M.J. Barlow, B. Ercolano & T. Rauch, pag. 55

Angular expansion in planetary nebulae from radio interferometric data
Yolanda Gómez, pag. 63

Planetary Nebulae around [WC] stars: morphologies and kinematics
Miriam Peña, pag. 71

Morphological Classification of New Candidate PNe in an IPHAS Sample
Kerttu Viironen, Antonio Mampaso, Romano L.M. Corradi, Robert Greimel & Laurence Sabin, pag. 79

VLT / Infrared Integral Field Spectrometer Observations of the Knots in the Planetary Nebula NGC 7293 (the Helix Nebula)
M. Matsuura, A.K. Speck, M.D. Smith, A.A. Zijlstra, K.T.E. Lowe , S. Viti, M. Redman, C.J. Wareing & E. Lagadec, pag. 87

Do the various types of Low Ionization Structures of PNe differ in terms of their physical parameters?
Denise R. Gonçalves, pag. 95

Physical conditions of the shocked regions in collimated outflows of planetary nebulae
A. Riera & A.C. Raga, pag. 103

The three dimensional view and distances of planetary nebulae
Hektor Monteiro & Hugo E. Schwarz, pag. 111

Near-infrared VLT adaptive optics imaging of evolved stars
Eric Lagadec, Olivier Chesneau, Albert A. Zijlstra, Mikako Matsuura & Djamel Mékarnia, pag. 117

Symmetry and Asymmetry in "born again" Planetary Nebulae
S. Kimeswenger, A.A. Zijlstra, P.A.M. van Hoof, M. Hajduk, M.F.M. Lechner, G.C. Van de Steene & K. Gesicki, pag. 125

Spectral Analysis of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae
Thomas Rauch, Klaus Werner, Marc Ziegler, Jeffrey W . Kruk & Cristina M. Oliveira , pag. 133

A Large-Scale Survey of Neutron-Capture Element Abundances in Planetary Nebulae
N. C. Sterling , H. L. Dinerstein & T. R. Kallman, pag. 141

Recent Observations of Sakurai's Object
P.A.M. van Hoof, M. Hajduk, A.A. Zijlstra, F. Herwig, A. Evans, G.C Van de Steene, S. Kimeswenger, F. Kerber & S.P.S. Eyres , pag. 149

The hydrogen-deficient knot of the 'born again' planetary nebula Abell 58 (V605 Aql)
R. Wesson , M.J. Barlow , X-W. Liu , P.J. Storey , B. Ercolano & O. De Marco , pag. 157

An HST Archival Survey of Departures From Axisymmetry
Matthew Bobrowsky, pag. 165

A principal component analysis approach to the morphology of Planetary Nebulae
Stavros Akras & Panayotis Boumis, pag. 173

Kinematics and Physical parameters of NGC 7354
M.E. Contreras, S. Ayala, L. Olguín, S. Zavala, L.F. Miranda & R. Vázquez, pag. 179

Planetary Nebula NGC 6543 as the Source of the Spikes of Cosmic Rays Recorded in the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Cores
Aden Meinel & Marjorie Meinel, pag. 185

The distance to the Planetary Nebula M 2-43
Lizette Guzmán, Yolanda Gómez & Luis F. Rodríguez, pag. 193

A Search for Faint Planetary Nebulae Using the DSS
G.H. Jacoby, M. Kronberger, D. Patchick, P. Teutsch, J. Saloranta, A. Acker  & D. Frew, pag. 199

An emission line analysis of MASH Galactic Planetary Nebulae
Anna Kovacevic & Quentin Parker, pag. 205

NGC7009 Inner Temperature Fluctuations
M.L. Leal Ferreira , C.R. Rabaça , F.C. Cuisinier , A.P. Moisés & D.N. Epitácio Pereira, pag. 211

Testing the Reliability of PN Structures Detected by the Wavelet Technique
M.L. Leal Ferreira , C.R. Rabaça , F.C. Cuisinier & D.N. Epitácio Pereira, pag. 217

A Multi-wavelength-based Method to de-project Gas and Dust Distributions of several Planetary Nebulae
Andrei Lintu, Hendrik P. A. Lensch, Marcus Magnor, Sascha El-Abed, Ting-Hui Lee & Hans-Peter Seidel, pag. 223

3D Spectroscopy of Wind Driven Nebulae: The Large Western Knot in the Halo of NGC 6543
David Martín-Gordón, José M. Vílchez, Angels Riera & Sebastián Sánchez , pag. 229

A New Diagnostic for Fast Outflows in Planetary Nebulae
Juan J. Medina, Martín A. Guerrero, Valentina Luridiana, Luis F. Miranda, Angels Riera & Pablo F. Velázquez , pag. 235

Morphological and spectroscopic analysis of the planetary nebula K 3-35
L.F. Miranda, V. Luridiana, M.A. Guerrero, I. Márquez, J. Masegosa & E. Pérez, pag. 241

Identification of new planetary nebulae
L.F. Miranda, C.B. Pereira &  M.A. Guerrero, pag. 247

A stellar and nebular model for IC418
Christophe Morisset and Leonid Georgiev, pag. 253

The H2 Amazing Life of NGC 6881
Gerardo Ramos-Larios , Martín A. Guerrero & Luis F. Miranda, pag. 259

The 3D structure of the Ring Nebula
W. Steffen, J.A. López, N. Koning, S. Kwok, H. Riesgo, M.G. Richer & C. Morisset, pag. 265

Nebular kinematics of NGC 7009 and NGC 6543 as tests of possible differences of distribution of permitted and forbidden emission lines
S. Torres-Peimbert, A. Arrieta, L. Georgiev & M. Richer, pag. 271

High-resolution X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy of BD+30°3639
Young Sam YU, Joel H. Kastner, John Houck, Ehud Behar, Raanan Nordon & Noam Soker, pag. 277

Part II: Asymmetry in the Pre-Planetary Nebula phase

Morphological Study of Proto-Planetary Nebulae Since APN III
Toshiya Ueta, pag. 285

Imaging the cold molecular gas in pPNe
Javier Alcolea, pag. 293

Mid-Infrared Spectral Evolution of Post-AGB Stars
Kevin Volk, pag. 301

Optical spectroscopy of post-AGB stars
Pedro García-Lario, pag. 309

The VLTI view of compact dusty environments around evolved stars
Olivier Chesneau, pag. 317

Spitzer/IRS survey of heavily obscured planetary nebula precursors
D. A. García-Hernández, J. V. Perea-Calderón, D. Engels & P. García-Lario , pag. 325

Radio and Infrared observations of Transition Objects
L. Cerrigone, J. L. Hora, G. Umana & C. Trigilio, pag. 333

Water Fountains in Pre-Planetary Nebulae
Mark J Claussen, Raghvendra Sahai & Mark Morris, pag. 341

Minkowski's Footprint : an ejected common envelope ?
J. Alcolea, R. Neri & V. Bujarrabal, pag. 349

The Water Fountain in the Pre-Planetary Nebula IRAS19190+1102
Buckner Creel, Mark Claussen, Ylva Pihlström, Raghvendra Sahai  & Mark Morris, pag. 355

VLBA H2O and SiO maser observations in the pPN OH231.8+4
J.-F. Desmurs, C. Sánchez Contreras, V. Bujarrabal & J. Alcolea, pag. 361

The Post-AGB cores in `non-variable' OH/IR stars
D. Engels, pag. 367

Optical study of V886 Her - a rapidly changing post-AGB star
A. Karska, M. Mikolajewski, E. Ragan, E. Swierczynski, T. Brozek, A. Majcher, J.L. Janowski, M. Gromadzki, T. Tomov, I. Bellas-Velidis &A. Dapergolas , pag. 373

Gemini & HST observations of post-AGB objects
A. Karska , N. Siodmiak , R. Szczerba , M. Meixner  & T. Ueta, pag. 379

Resolving the Multiple Outflows in the Egg Nebula with Keck II Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics
D. Le Mignant, R. Sahai, A. Bouchez, R. Campbell, J. Chin, M. van Dam, E. Johansson, S. Hartman, R. Lafon, J. Lyke, P. Stomski, D. Summers & P. Wizinowich, pag. 383

Deep study of the fast bipolar outflows in pre-PNe from CO mm-wave line emission
G. Quintana-Lacaci, F. Jiménez-Esteban, V. Bujarrabal, A. Castro-Carrizo & J. Alcolea, pag. 389

Chemical diversity of post-AGB stars in the LMC
Maarten Reyniers & Hans Van Winckel, pag. 395

Probing the ``Missing Mass" in Bipolar and Multipolar Pre-Planetary Nebulae
R. Sahai, M. Rubin, C. Sánchez Contreras & M. Claussen, pag. 401

Connection Between Morphology of Post-AGB Objects and Their Infrared Colors
N. Siódmiak, M. Meixner, T. Ueta, B.E.K. Sugerman, G.C. Van de Steene & R. Szczerba, pag. 407

Morphology and Kinematics of the Bipolar Post-AGB Star IRAS 16594-4656
G. C. Van de Steene,T. Ueta, P. A. M. van Hoof, M. Reyniers & A. G. Ginsburg, pag. 413

Part III: Asymmetry on the Asymptotic Giant Branch

From AGB Stars to Planetary Nebulae -- How the Journey Begins
Raghvendra Sahai, pag. 421

Review of Observations from the Far Infrared to Radio Wavelengths of the AGB Mass Loss
Arancha Castro-Carrizo, pag. 429

Yields from single AGB stars
Amanda I. Karakas, pag. 437

Binary AGB Nucleosynthesis
Robert G. Izzard & Onno R. Pols, pag. 445

Revealing the Nature of the Asymmetric Planetary Nebula Progenitors through Abundance Analysis
Letizia Stanghellini, pag. 453

Excavating Mass Loss History in Extended Dust Shells of Evolved Stars: the AKARI MLHES Mission Program
T. Ueta, H. Izumiura, I. Yamamura, O. Hashimoto, M. Matsuura, T. Miyata, Y. Nakada, Y. Ita, N. Matsunaga, T. Tanabe, H. Fukushi & T. Tsuji, pag. 459

Part IV: Binary (vs. Single Star) Evolution

Binary Interactions and the Shaping of Planetary Nebulae
Philipp Podsiadlowski, pag. 467

Do post-common envelope objects form a distinct subset of PNe?
David J. Frew & Quentin A. Parker, pag. 475

Photometric Variations in LMC Planetary Nebulae
Richard A. Shaw, Armin Rest, Guillermo Damke & R. Chris Smith, pag. 483

A Search for Binaries in Proto-Planetary Nebulae
Bruce J. Hrivnak, pag. 491

Transient Torus -- A Unified After-AGB Binary Scenario?
Adam Frankowski, pag. 501

Resolving the dusty discs around post-AGB binaries
Deroo, Pieter, pag. 509

Resolving the dusty discs around post-AGB binaries
G. Tovmassian , J. Tomsick , R. Napiwotzki , L. Yungelson , G. Stasínska , M. Peña & M. Richer , pag. 515

MASH-II and an OGLE-II Search for Binarity
B. Miszalski, A. Acker, Q.A. Parker & A.F.J. Moffat, pag. 523

The Bizarre Spectral Variability of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae
Orsola De Marco, S. Wortel, Howard E. Bond, and Dianne Harmer, pag. 529

Dust-grain processing in circumbinary disks around evolved binaries
Clio Gielen & Hans Van Winckel, pag. 535

A Photometric Survey of Central Stars of PNe for Close Binaries
Todd C. Hillwig, Orsola De Marco, Howard E. Bond, Robin Ciardullo & George Jacoby, pag. 541

Part V: Related Objects

Shaping the Outflows of Symbiotic Binaries
S. Mohamed & Ph. Podsiadlowski, pag. 547

Symbiotic or planetary nebulae?
Miguel Santander-García, Romano L.M. Corradi & Antonio Mampaso, pag. 555

Eta Carinae and Nebulae Around Massive Stars: Similarities to Planetary Nebulae?
Nathan Smith, pag. 561

Gas and dust spectra of the D' type symbiotic star HD330036
R. Angeloni, M. Contini, S. Ciroi  & P. Rafanelli, pag. 569

B[e] phenomenon in bipolar planetary nebulae. Is the central star's wind symmetric?
A. Arrieta, L.N. Georgiev, S. Torres-Peimbert, J. Zsargó  & D.J. Hillier, pag. 575

Uniquely Large Excesses of  18O in HdC and RCB Stars: Evidence for White Dwarf Mergers
G.C. Clayton, T. R. Geballe, F. Herwig, C. Fryer & M. Asplund, pag. 581

A 3-D view of V838 Monocerotis
K.M. Exter, H.E. Bond, R.L.M. Corradi, L. Crause, M. Dopita, A. Henden, Z. Levay, U. Munari, N. Panagia, B. Sparks, S. Starrfield, B. Sugerman, M. Wagner & R. White, pag. 585

X-ray Observations of Symbiotic Miras
Rodolfo Montez Jr. & Joel H. Kastner, pag. 587

Structure, kinematics and chemistry of the circumstellar envelopes around the yellow hypergiants AFGL2343 and IRC+10420
G. Quintana-Lacaci, A. Castro-Carrizo, V. Bujarrabal, J. Alcolea & R. Neri, pag. 593

IRAS12316-6401: a new symbiotic Mira?
Peter A.M. van Hoof & Griet C. Van de Steene, pag. 599

Part VI: Shaping models, and the role of Magnetic Fields and Discs

Planetary Nebulae Principles & Paradigms: Binaries, Accretion, Magnetic Fields
Eric G. Blackman & Jason T. Nordhaus, pag. 607

The Bipolar Engines of post-AGB stars: Transient Dynamos and Common Envelopes
J. Nordhaus & E. G. Blackman, pag. 615

Jets and Tori in Proto-Planetary Nebulae: Observations vs. Theory
P. J. Huggins, pag. 623

Magnetic fields in planetary nebulae and post-AGB nebulae
L. Sabin, A.A. Zijlstra & J.S. Greaves, pag. 631

The interaction of planetary nebulae with the interstellar medium
C.J. Wareing, A.A. Zijlstra, & T.J. O'Brien, pag. 639

Shaping Planetary Nebulae by Jets
Muhammad Akashi, pag. 647

Explosive Shaping of Proto-Planetary Nebulae
Timothy J. Dennis, Andrew J. Cunningham, Adam Frank, Bruce Balick & Sorin Mitran, pag. 653

A Grand Challenge for PNe
Adam Frank, Orsola De Marco, Eric Blackman & Bruce Balick, pag. 659

High resolution spectra of bright central stars of bipolar planetary nebulae, and the question of magnetic shaping
Ting-Hui Lee, Letizia Stanghellini, Lilia Ferrario & Dayal Wickramasinghe, pag. 665

A disc in the heart of the Ant nebula
Foteini Lykou, Olivier Chesneau, Eric Lagadec & Albert Zijlstra, pag. 671

The rotating and expanding disk in the center of the PN K3-35
L. Uscanga, Y. Gómez, A. C. Raga, J. Cantó, D. Tafoya, G. Anglada, J. M. Torrelles, J. F. Gómez  & L. F. Miranda, pag. 675

Part VII: Evening Discussion and Conference Summary

Future Directions
B. Balick, A. Mampaso, E. Blackman, V. Bujarrabal, O. De Marco, M. A. Guerrero, N. Soker, H. van Winckel & A. A. Zijlstra, pag. 681

Asymmetric Planetary Nebulae: what are we learning?
Albert A. Zijlstra, pag. 691