Social events

This is the list of programmed social events. It is mandatory that you send nd an email to before May the 10th, if you want  to book for A) the Visit to the Observatory or B) to the North of La Palma on Wednesday, C) the conference dinner on Thursday, D) the excursion to the South of La Palma on Saturday, and the E) sailing and F) scuba diving activities described below. In all cases, also indicate the number of accompanying persons. Late booking may not be accepted. All social events, except the scuba diving courses, are for free.

• Sunday 17 June (18:30h):  Welcome cocktail. This will include tasting of a selection of wines from La Palma. • Wednesday 20 June (14h to 20h): A) Visit to the Observatory of the Roque de los Muchachos
B) Visit to the North side of La Palma: natural reserve Los Tilos, the historic city of San Andres and the natural swimming pool Charco Azul. This will include two short walks of 30min each in the  primitive forest and along the coast.

• Thursday 21 June (20:30h)
: C) Conference dinner • Friday 22 June (16 to 20h):  Leisure and sport activities. Conference beachvolley and football matches. • Saturday 23 June (10 to 19h): D) Full-day excursion by bus to the volcanoes in the South of La Palma.
Other activities

E) Sailing: there is the possibility, for a limited number of accompanying persons, to make a course of saling offered by the local Patronato de Deportes. This would last from about 4 to 7 p.m., from Monday to Friday. Alternatively, a one-afternoon sailing experience can be arranged for <=10 participants on Friday June 22 in the afternoon, after the end of the conference.

F) Scuba diving: A local scuba diving centre, located in the same beach resort as the conference hotel, offers one-week scuba diving course (4-5 full-days in the swimming pool and the sea, this would provide an international scuba-diving certificate), or  a 1-day experience ("Discover Scuba Diving"), or courses for children (8 to 12 years old). The cost of this activity will depend on the number of people interested in.

Hiking in La Palma
: La Palma is a fantastic place for hiking. Should any participant being interested in more demanding outdoor activites in the weekend after the conference (Sat+Sun 23+24 June), like hiking and camping in the National Park "La Caldera de Taburiente",  please contact the organisers and we will be happy to help you in organising it (joining  together interested people, arranging transport  from and to the hotel,...).
Note that hiking in the National Park is a demanding activity, that requires good physical fitness, to be well equipped with mountain clothes, and that you carry your tent, sleeping bag and food. The easiest excursion consists of 3-hour hiking on the first day at an altitude of around 1000m,  sleeping in a camp site at night, and another good 5 hours of descent to the sea level on the following day. If you plan such an activity, it would be convenient that you leave the island on Monday 25.