(the time [in min] allocated to each talk + the time for questions/discussion are indicated after the talk's title)

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Sunday, June 17

17:30-19:00  Registration
18:30-20:00  Welcome Cocktail and tasting of selected wines from La Palma

Monday, June 18

 9:00-9:10 Opening                 


 9:10-10:35             chair: Letizia Stanghellini

  • Romano Corradi:  The morphology and kinematics of planetary nebulae: a tribute to Hugo Schwarz (15+5)    PPT
  • Sun Kwok: The Morphology and 3-D Structure of the Ionized, Molecular, and Dust Components of Planetary Nebulae (15+5)
  • Bruce Balick: The Osterbrock Catalogue of Planetary Nebula Images (15+5)  PPT(1: PNe)  PPT(2: pPNe)
  • Joseph Hora: Infrared Observations of Planetary Nebulae with the Spitzer (20+5) PPT
10:35-10:55 Discussion
10:55-11:25 Coffee Break and Posters
  • Joel Kastner: X-rays (or not) from the Central Star(s) of Planetary Nebulae: Unique Constraints on Magnetic Launching and Collimation Models (15+5) PPT
  • Martin Guerrero: X-ray Emission from Planetary Nebulae with Fast Collimated Outflows (15+5)  PDF
  • Eva Villaver: Do bipolar PNe really have more massive progenitors? (15+5)   PPT
  • Christer Sandin: Spatially resolved spectroscopic studies of planetary nebulae and their halos (10+5) PDF
12:40-13:00 Discussion PPT(Soker)
13:00-15:40 Lunch break
15:40-17:05              chair: Martin Guerrero
  • Arturo Manchado:  Molecular hydrogen in NGC 6853 (15+5) 
  • Nicholas Wright: 3D Photoionisation Modelling of NGC 6302 (10+5) PDF
  • Yolanda Gomez: Angular expansion from radio interferometric data in Planetary Nebulae (10+5) PPT
  • Miriam Peña: PNe around [WC] stars. How asymmetrical are they? (15+5) PPT
  • Kerttu Viironen: Morphological classification of new PNe in an IPHAS sample (10+5) PPT
17:05-17:25 Coffe Break and Posters
  • Mikako Matsuura: Infrared integral field spectroscopic observations of globules in the Helix Nebula (NGC 7293) (15+5) PPT
  • Denise Goncalves: Do the various types of low-ionization structures of PNe differ in terms of their physical properties? (15+5) PDF
  • Angels Riera: Physical conditions of the shocked regions in collimated outflows of planetary nebulae (20+5) PPT
18:30-19:00 Discussion PDF (Schonberner 1)   PDF (Schonberner 2)

Tuesday, June 19 

 9:00-10:25        chair:  Arturo  Manchado
  • Hektor Monteiro: The 3-D View and distances of Planetary Nebulae (15+5) PPT
  • Eric Lagadec: Near-infrared VLT adaptive optics imaging of planetary nebulae (10+5) PPT
  • Martina Dobrincic: Axisymmetrical velocity structure in bipolar PNe (10+5) PPT
  • Stefan Kimeswenger: Symmetry and Asymmetry in "born again" PNe (15+5) PDF
  • Thomas Rauch: Spectral Analysis of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae (10+5) PPT
10:25-10:45 Discussion
10:45-11:15 Coffee Break and Posters
  • Nicholas Sterling: A Large-Scale Survey of Neutron-Capture Element Abundances in Planetary Nebulae (10+5) PPT
  • Peter van Hoof: Recent observations of Sakurai's object and CK Vul (10+5) PDF
  • Roger Wesson: The hydrogen-deficient knot in Abell 58 (10+5) PDF
12:00-12:20 Discussion
12:20-15:15 Lunch break


15:15-16:35           chair:  Raghvendra Sahai
  • Toshiya Ueta: Morphological Studies of Proto-Planetary Nebulae since APN3 (15+5) PDF
  • Javier Alcolea: Imaging the molecular content of pre-planetary nebulae in the XXI Century (15+5) PDF
  • Kevin Volk: Spectral Evolution of Post-AGB Stars (15+5) PPT
  • Pedro Garcia-Lario: Optical Spectroscopy of Post-AGB stars and Pre-Planetary Nebulae (15+5) PPT
16:35-17:05 Discussion
17:05-17:30 Coffe Break and Posters
  • Olivier Chesneau: The VLTI view of compact dusty environments around evolved stars (10+5) PPT
  • Anibal Garcia-Hernandez: Spitzer/IRS survey of heavily obscured planetary nebula precursors (10+5) PPT
  • Luciano Cerrigone: Radio and infrared observations of Transition Objects (10+5) PPT
  • Mark Claussen: Water Fountains in Pre-Planetary Nebulae. New Candidates and High Angular Resolution Details of Gas Kinematics and Jet Motions (10+5) PPT
18:30-19:00 Discussion

21:00-22:30 Evening session on "Asymmetrical PNe: Moving Forwardmoderator: Antonio Mampaso

Wednesday, June 20


 9:00-10:10      chair Bruce Balick
  • Raghvendra Sahai: From AGB Stars to Planetary Nebulae -- How The Journey Begins (20+5)
  • Arancha Castro-Carrizo: Radio and Far Infrared Observations of AGB Mass Loss (20+5) PPT
  • Jason Nordhaus: Transient Dynamos in PNe Progenitors: Isolated Stars vs. Common Envelopes (15+5)  PDF
10:10-10:40 Coffe break and Posters
  • Amanda Karakas: Yields from Single Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars (20+5) PPT
  • Robert Izzard: Binary AGB Nucleosynthesis (20+5) PDF
  • Letizia Stanghellini:  Abundances in asymmetrical PNe; a confrontation to AGB models (15+5) PPT
11:50-12:20 Discussion
12:20-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-20:00 Guided visit to the Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory or the North of La Palma

Thursday, June 21


  9:00-10:30               chair:  Orsola de Marco
  • Philipp Podsiadlowski: Binary Interactions and the Shaping of Planetary Nebulae (20+5) PDF
  • Ronald Taam: The Hydrodynamical Evolution of the Common Envelope Phase - From Inspiral to Ejection (20+5) PDF   
  • David Frew: Do CE objects form a distinct subset of PNe? (15+5) PPT
  • Richard Shaw: Photometric variations in LMC PNe (15+5) PPT
10:30-10:50 Discussion
10:50-11:20 Coffee Break and Posters
  • Jay Farihi: The Frequency of Close, Intermediate, and Wide Separations Among White Dwarf - Red Dwarf Binaries (20+5)
  • Bruce Hrivnak: Search for Binarity in Proto-Planetary Nebulae (15+5) PPT
  • Adam Frankowski: Transient torus - a unified after-AGB binary scenario? (10+5) PPT
  • Pieter Deroo: Resolving the compact dusty discs around binary post-AGB stars using the VLTI interferometer (10+5) PDF
12:35-13:00 Discussion PPT(De Marco)
13:00-15:40 Lunch break


15:40-16:55          chair: Noam Soker
  • Jeno Sokoloski: Jets in symbiotics (20+5)
  • Mohamed, Shazrene: Shaping the Outflows of Symbiotic Binaries (15+5)
  • Joanna Mikolajewska: Mass transfer in symbiotic binaries (10+5) PDF
  • Miguel Santander-Garcia: Symbiotic and planetary nebulae: similarities and differences (10+5) PPT
16:55-17:15 Discussion
17:15-17:45 Coffe Break and Posters
  1. Nathan Smith: Eta Car and similar nebulae around massive stars (15+5)
  2. Matthew Bobrowsky: Departures from Axisymmetry in PNe and SN1987A (10+5) PPT
  3. Gagik Tovmassian: X-ray observations of the binary nuclei of PN G135.9+55.9 (7+3) 
18:30-19:00 Discussion
20:30           Conference dinner

Friday, June 22


  9:00-10:05                chair:   Joel Kastner
  • Eric Blackman: Principles and Paradigms for Pre-Planetary and Planetary Nebula Engines (20+5) PDF
  • Patrick Huggins: Jets and Tori in Proto-Planetary Nebulae: Observations versus Theory (15+5)  PPT
  • Vincent Icke: Colliding Tori: a New Twist to Interacting Winds (15+5)
10:05-10:35 Discussion
10:35-11:00 Coffee Break and posters
  • Laurence Sabin: Magnetic fields in planetary nebulae and post-AGB nebulae (15+5) PPT
  • Chris Wareing: PN-ISM interaction (15+5) PDF
11:40-12:00 Discussion
12:00-13:00 General discussion and conference summary       chair:  Albert Zijlstra  PDF

Saturday, June 23

10:00-19:00  Guided visit to the South of La Palma


  1. Acker, Agnes: A new photometric search for binary CSPN
  2. Akashi, Muhammad: Asymmetrical PNs
  3. Alcolea, Javier: Minkowski's Footprint: a common envelope ejected nebula ?
  4. Angeloni, Rodolfo: Gas and dust spectra of the D' type symbiotic star HD330036
  5. Arrieta, Anabel & Georgiev, Leonid: Asymmetric winds from central stars
  6. Boumis, Panayotis: A Principal Component Analysis approach to the morphology of Planetary Nebulae PDF
  7. Clayton, Geoffrey: Uniquely Large Excesses of 18O in HdC and RCB Stars: Evidence for White Dwarf Mergers
  8. Contreras, Maria: Kinematics and Physical Parameters of NGC7354
  9. Creel, Buckner: The 'water-fountain' in the protoplanetary nebula IRAS19190+1102
  10. De Marco, Orsola: Are all planetary nebulae the product of binary interactions?
  11. Desmurs, Jean-François: VLBA H2O and SiO maser observations in the pPN OH231.8+4 PDF
  12. Dinerstein, Harriet: Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Extragalactic Planetary Nebulae
  13. Dinerstein, Harriet:  A Search for Zirconium in s-process Enriched Planetary Nebulae
  14. Drach-Meinel, David: Is NGC 6543 the Source of the Cosmic Rays Recorded in the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Cores?
  15. Engels, Dieter: The Post-AGB cores of 'non-variable' OH/IR stars PDF
  16. -
  17. Exter, Katrina: A 3D view of V838 Mon PDF
  18. -
  19. Ferreira, Marcelo L. L.: NGC 7009 inner temperature fluctuations
  20. Ferreira, Marcelo L. L.: Testing the reliability of the structures detected by the wavelet technique
  21. Gielen, Clio: Mineralogy of Keplerian disks around binary post-AGB stars
  22. Guerrero, Martín A.: A New Diagnostic for Fast Outflows in Planetary Nebulae
  23. Guzmán, Lizette: The Distance to the Planetary Nebula M2-43
  24. Hillwig, Todd: A Photometric Survey of Central Stars of PNe for Close Binaries
  25. Hrivnak, Bruce: Long-term Study of Light Variability in Proto-Planetary Nebulae
  26. Jacoby, George et al: A Search for Faint Planetary Nebulae Using the DSS
  27. Karska, Agata, et al.: Gemini and HST observations of post-AGB objects
  28. Karska, Agata, et al.: Optical study of V886 Her - a rapidly changing post-AGB star
  29. Kovacevic, Anna: An emission line and kinematic analysis of MASH Galactic PNe
  30. Lee, Ting-Hui & Stanghellini, Letizia: High Resolution Spectra of Bright Central Stars of Bipolar Planetary Nebulae, and the Question of Magnetic Shaping
  31. Le Mignant, David: Resolved imaging and spectroscopy of the central 100 au of the Red Rectangle
  32. Le Mignant, David: Resolved imaging and spectroscopy of the equatorial regions of CRL2688
  33. Lintu, Andrei: A Multi-wavelength-based Method to de-project Gas and Dust Distributions of several Planetary Nebulae
  34. Lykou, Foteini, et al.:The disc in the heart of the Ant nebula
  35. Martín Gordón, David: Examining the ionization structure in nebulae with 3D spectroscopy
  36. Miranda, Luis F.: Morphological and spectroscopic analysis of the planetary nebula K3-35
  37. Miranda, Luis F.: Identification of new planetary nebulae
  38. Montez, Rodolfo: Jets and Disks in Symbiotic Systems
  39. Morisset, Christophet: Full (stellar and nebular) model for IC418
  40. Quintana-Lacaci, Guillermo: Structure, kinematics and chemistry of circumstellar envelopes around the yellow hypergiants stars AFGL2343 and IRC +10420
  41. Quintana-Lacaci, Guillermo: Deep study of the fast bipolar outflows in PPNe from CO mm-wavelines
  42. Ramos-Larios, Gerardo: The H2 Amazing Life of the Planetary Nebula NGC 6881
  43. Reyniers, Maarten: Photospheric depletion in RV Tauri stars of the LMC
  44. Sahai, Raghvendra: Probing the ``Missing Mass" in Bipolar and Multipolar Pre-Planetary Nebulae
  45. Speck, Angela: Bipolarity of PNe: a natural consequence of mass loss
  46. Speck, Angela: Molecular Hydrogen Emission from PNe: Evolutionary Trends
  47. Steffen, Wolfgang: On the 3D geometry of the Ring nebula
  48. Szczerba, Ryszard: HST snapshot survey of post-AGB objects and proto-planetary nebulae
  49. Torres-Peimbert, Silvia: Comparison of stellar wind characteristics and nebular kinematics of IC 4634, NGC 6210, NGC 6543, NGC 7009, and BD+30 3639
  50. Ueta, Toshiya: Excavating Mass Loss History in Extended Dust Shells of Evolved Stars: the MLHES Mission Program by AKARI IR Astronomy Satellite
  51. Ueta, Toshiya: HST/NICMOS Imaging Polarimetry of Proto-Planetary Nebulae PDF
  52. Ueta, Toshiya: Spitzer's View of Evolved Star Dust Shells
  53. Uscanga, Lucero: The rotating and expanding disk in the center of the PN K3-35
  54. Van de Steene, Griet: Shock emission in the multipolar post-AGB star IRAS 16594-4656
  55. van Hoof, Peter: IRAS12316-6401: a new symbiotic Mira?
  56. Villaver, Eva: The accretion-jet connection in Planetary Nebulae
  57. Yu, Young Sam: High-resolution X-ray Spectroscopy of the Planetary Nebula BD+30 3639