Tune Stellar Libraries spectra

This tool should be used to get spectra and line-strength predictions, given a range of stellar parameters, for any of the stellar libraries provided. It allows the adjustment of the resulting spectra to a particular instrumental setup and format. This is useful to be able to directly compare the stellar spectra from our libraries to the data from the user.

  • Pick the stellar library to use.
  • Select the range of effective temperatures (Teff), gravity (log(g)), and metallicity ([Fe/H]) separated by commas.
  • In the Output Parameters boxes
    • Enter the desired instrumental configuration in the boxes. For convenience the boxes are filled by default with the limits of the stellar parameters of the chosen library at the nominal wavelength and resolution, but edit the different values at will.
    • For the computation of photometric magnitudes from the spectra, the user should load a file with the desired filter responses as well as choosing a reference zeropoint from the options provided. If no file is uploaded, we will use a default one (filters_default.res). Please use that file as guideline for your own filter file. Magnitudes correponding to filters which are not fully contained within the requested wavelength range will be assigned a -99.99 value.
  • Press the 'Submit Query' button.

IMPORTANT: note that the spectra of our libraries are only flux calibrated in relative terms (not in absolute terms). As a result, the absolute value of the computed magnitudes is not meaningful. They can nevertheless be used to compute colors.

On output, a new window will open with the progress of your query. Links to the desired spectra, line-strength indices and magnitudes will be provided. For illustration purposes, an image will appear below with the first spectrum in your query. The title of the figure will indicate the stellar parameters of such spectrum. The output files will remain in our FTP server for 10 days.

Input parameters
Stellar LibraryTeffLog(g)[Fe/H]
Output parameters (help)
λInitial (Å)λFinal (Å)Δλ (Å/pix)SamplingRedshift (z)ResolutionFormat
Enter the filename with the filter responses
(Default: filters_default.res)