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How to install E3D in Mac OS X

Installing E3D in Mac OS X is relatively simple.

First you need to have the pgplot package compiled with the TK driver. This driver is not included in the pgplot version installed by MacPorts (do not know about Fink or HomeBrew), so I had to compile and install it from source code. Detailed instruction on how to accomplish it can be found in PGPLOT on Mac OS X.

Then you need to install the LCL libraries (version 1.6). Just follow the instructions in file INSTALL.MacOS included in the LCL tarfile.

Finally, I use MacPorts as my package management system. In particular, I installed the TK and TCL libraries, and I'm linking E3D against them.

Obtain tarfile

  • /scratch/software/ is the directory where I install software packages. LCL libraries are in /scratch/software/E3D_io_LCL-1.6/
    cd /scratch/software/
    wget -cNS http://www.aip.de/Euro3D/E3D/e3d-1.3.8.tar.gz
    tar -zxvf e3d-1.3.8.tar.gz


  • Select C compiler to use. I usually work with the C compiler from [[HPC -> http://hpc.sourceforge.net/], so
    export CC="/usr/local/bin/gcc"
    Other C compilers (Apple's one in /usr/bin/, or that installed by MacPorts in /opt/local/bin/) may work as well.
  • Run configure
    cd /scratch/software/e3d-1.3.8/
  • Modify makedefs.local
    nedit add_defs/makedefs.local
    Comment out all V3D_LIBS, then just after the Mac OS X block, add line:
    V3D_LIBS += -L/opt/local/lib -ltk -ltcl -lpng -lobjc -lgfortran
    (the existing MacOSX entries seem to be somewhat obsolete)
  • Define PGPLOT and IFU environment variables
    export PGPLOT_DIR="/usr/pkg/pgplot"
    export IFU_PATH="/scratch/software"
    PGPLOT_DIR is where the TK-enabled PGPLOT is installed, IFU_PATH is the directory containing both E3D_io_LCL-1.6/ and e3d-1.3.8/
  • Compile
    (the "ld: warning: directory not found for option" messages can be safely ignored)
  • Install
    make install


  • To check that everything worked out, we launch the GUI and load a test file
    A nice GUI opens up. Load file data/test.e3d. That's all!

Set up

  • You may wish to put the E3D command in your PATH. For a bash shell, the command is:
    export PATH="${PATH}:/scratch/software/e3d-1.3.8/user/bin"
    you can add this instructions to your .bash_profile file.
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