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Please note that all the SIEpedia's articles address specific issues or questions raised by IAC users, so they do not attempt to be rigorous or exhaustive, and may or may not be useful or applicable in different or more general contexts.

Virtual Observatory Tools

Data Analysis and discovery

  • Aladin - Powerfull image and catalog analizer. It includes a simple VO data discovery tool as well,so it's a good way to start with VO archives
  • Astrogrid Desktop - Very complete Suite for discover and organize data in the VO from Astrogrid
  • DataScope - Web-based US-VO data discovery tool

Tabular data

Spectra and SED

  • VOSpec - Powerfull online spectra analyzer from the Spanish VO
  • SPLAT - Also a very powerfull standalone spectra analyzer by Starlink
  • VOSED - On-line SED Builder & Fitting Tool
  • Yafit - Yet Another Fitting Tool

Database generation

Documentation and tutorials

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