EMIR DRP (Data Reduction Pipeline)

PyEmir is the data reduction pipeline, based on Python, developed by the instrument team to facilitate the reduction of EMIR images taken in any of the available observing modes. This package, as well as the reduction launcher Numina, can be easily installed, as described in the PyEmir official documentation page. The documentation includes tutorials aimed to help future users to grasp knowledge so that they can make effective use of PyEmir when reducing their own data.
Focusing on the reduction of spectroscopic data (see Figure), the critical manipulations carried out by PyEmir consist on the geometric distortion correction and the wavelength calibration. From this point, the astronomer can use her favourite software tools to proceed with the spectra extraction and analysis. It is important to highlight that, using a large set of continuum and arc calibration exposures, both calibrations have been modelled for any arbitrary configuration of the multi-object slit system. This model can be easily employed to obtain a preliminary rectified and wavelength calibrated spectroscopic EMIR image without additional calibration images. This facilitates both the on-line quick reduction of the data at the telescope and the off-line detailed reduction of the data by the astronomer. The use of additional calibration images can then be employed to refine the preliminary rectification and wavelength calibration (see documentation for details).
If you make use of PyEmir, please include the appropriate citations, as described in the documentation web page.