EMIR Efficiency Calculator

This tool permits a quick and accurate estimate of the attainable observing efficiency, once the observing sequence starts, for a given set of user parameters for both STARE_IMG and LS/MOS observing modes. It makes use of fixed time delays for the offsets between dither points and between sky and object pointings. Time to point the telescope and acquire the source, as well as other overheads are not accounted for. The actual duration of the observation cannot be computed with this tool. Total observing overheads must be obtained following the guidelines provided by GTC. Following is a short description of the observing configuration parameters:

In the results, the optimal configuration is given on top, with values for Niter, number of cycles; Nexp, number of exposures per pointing position; and Tdith, exposure time per exposure.

Below the optimum configuration, which will be set by the EMIR Control System if the input parameters are given, up to 10 different configurations, sorted in decreasing efficiency, are given. Some of these might have higher efficiency than the selected optimum, but with different total exposure time, hence permitting to refine the requested configuration.