Scientific Programme

  Monday 26th June  
  Invited talks  
  chair: Benoit Neichel  
9:00 Adaptive Optics Program at TMT Corinne Boyer
9:30 GMT AO system design and status Antonin Bouchez
  ELT science with AO  
10:00 A Review of Visible Light AO Systems and Science on ELTs Laird Close
10:20 Science Development for IRIS (Infrared Imaging Spectrograph) on TMT Shelley Wright
10:40 Testing Theories of Gravity at the Galactic Center with ELTs Tuan Do
11:00 Coffee break  
  chair: Mitchell Troy  
11:30 AO4ELT meets the Solar System: The coming interplay between adaptive optics on ELT, space telescopes, and spacecraft missions Albert R. Conrad
  AO pathfinders and new concepts  
11:50 AOF – first on-sky performance of the GALACSI GLAO mode (or how to close 10 loops in less than 5 minutes) Johann Kolb
12:10 A Visible MCAO system for VLT-UT4 telescope S. Esposito
12:30 Commissioning Natural-Guide-Star MCAO with LINC-NIRVANA on LBT Tom Herbst
12:50 Keck Planet Imager and Characterizer (KPIC) Dimitri Mawet
13:10 Getting ready for GeMS 2.0: A workhorse AO facility Gaetano Sivo
13:30 Lunch  
  AO reconstruction and control  
  chair: Jean-Pierre Veran  
14:50 Point source sensitivity, Pupil alignment, calibration and control for TMT-NFIRAOS-IRIS Glen Herriot
15:10 Non-common Path Aberrations measurement using the NWIWM method Luis Fernando Rodríguez Ramos
15:30 Understanding the Vibration Environment for LBT/AO Pedro Escarate
15:50 Disturbance Feedforward Control for Vibration Suppression in Adaptive Optics of Large Telescopes Martin Glück
16:10 Coffee break  
  Post-processing of AO data  
  chair: Jose Marino  
16:30 Point spread function reconstruction for tomographic adaptive optics systems O. Beltramo-Martin
16:50 PSF reconstruction and deconvolution for extremely large telescopes Roland Wagner
17:10 Scientific impact of PSF knowledge in AO assisted Integral Field Spectroscopy Niranjan Thatte
17:30 Data processing on simulated data for SHARK-NIR Elena Carolo
18:00 Poster session 1  


Poster session 1

Current designs of ELT AO systems

GMTIFS: The Giant Magellan Telescope integral fields spectrograph and imager [P1001] Brady Espeland
Design and expected performance of the GMT's GLAO and phasing sensors [P1002] Brian McLeod
High contrast imaging performance of E-ELT/METIS [P1003] Brunella Carlomagno
Status of the SCAO design of METIS and end-to-end simulation performances [P1004] Cantalloube Faustine
Design study and first performance simulation of the E-ELT/MICADO focal plane coronagraphs [P1005] Elsa Huby
NFIRAOS [P1006] Glen Herriot,
Towards a Stray Light Analysis of the E-ELT [P1007] Holzlöhner, R.
The Infrared Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) for TMT: Instrument Overview [P1008] James Larkin
Preparation of AITV phase for EELT MOSAIC [P1009] K. El Hadi
Thirty Meter Telescope Adaptive Optics System Error Budgets and Requirements Traceability [P1010] Kayla Hardie
TMT Laser Guide Star Facility Design Update [P1011] M. Trubey
Exploring MAORY performances through tolerance analysis [P1012] Mauro Patti
E-ELT Pre-Focal Station NGS Sensor Arm [P1013] Paolo La Penna
Instrument requirements for precision relative astrometry using TMT/IRIS [P1014] Ryuji Suzuki
A Laser Guide Star WFS design for HARMONI [P1015] Benoit Neichel
Laser guide star optimized wavefront sensor system for the Thirty Meter Telescope [P1016] Sean Adkins


AO pathfinders and new concepts

ERIS, first generation becoming second generation, or re-vitalising an AO instrument [P1017] Angela Cortes
Alignment and preliminary outcomes of an ELT-size instrument to a very large telescope: LINC-NIRVANA at LBT [P1018] Bergomi Maria
Demonstration of hybrid stellar/laser AO wavefront sensing techniques to extend the brightness limit of high-contrast exoplanet AO systems [P1019] Christoph Baranec
A virtual coronagraphic test bench for SHARK-NIR, the second-generation high contrast imager for the Large Binocular Telescope [P1020] Daniele Vassallo
Improved Adaptive Optics Operations at the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory [P1021] Gregory E. Taylor
P-REx: the AO fed Piston Reconstruction Experiment [P1022] J.-U. Pott
SHARK-NIR, the coronagraphic camera for LBT, moving toward construction [P1023] Jacopo Farinato
High Contrast Spectroscopy Testbed for Segmented Telescopes [P1024] Jacques-Robert Delorme
From MagAO-X to GMagAO-X: How the GMT could characterize Proxima b at 4-mirror first light [P1025] Jared R. Males
iLocater: Adaptic optics fed precision spectroscopy for exoplanet science [P1026] Jonathan Crass
AO Systems, Instrumentation, and Capabilities at the LBT - Leading the way for the ELTs [P1027] Julian Christou
SCExAO: lessons learned for a future TMT instrument [P1028] Julien Lozi
Aperture Partitioning for Bispectrum Speckle Imaging [P1029] Lauren H. Schatz
AO development of the DAG 4 m telescope [P1030] Laurent Jolissaint
GTC Adaptive Optics integration progress and Laser Guide Star analysis [P1031] M. Reyes García-Talavera
Complementary Technologies to Adaptive Optics - a System View [P1032] Matthew Maniscalco
Hoverboards: smart focal plane positioners for adaptive optics [P1034] Michael Goodwin
Keck Segment Surface Artifacts: Impacts on Segment Phasing and Image Quality [P1035] Mitchell Troy
NIRPS: an AO-assisted fibre-fed spectrograph. The effect of Adaptive Optics on the fiber modal noise and how to kill it [P1036] N. Blind
Pioneering high contrast science instruments for planet characterization on ELTs  [P1037] Nemanja Jovanovic
Enhanced Speckle Nulling Using Single-Mode Fiber Injection and Super-Nyquist Techniques [P1038] Nikita Klimovich
Performance assessment of Adaptive Optics techniques on FSO communications through the atmosphere [P1039] Noelia Martínez Rey
GALACSI on the mountain – first on-sky stand-alone results [P1040] Paolo La Penna
Status and performance of the THD bench in multi-deformable mirror configuration [P1041] Pierre Baudoz
Closed-loop atmospheric dispersion compensation: on-sky demonstration of sub-milliarcsecond residual dispersion across H band [P1042] Prashant Pathak
Hierarchichal-segmented AO in order to attain wide field compensation in the visible on an 8m class telescope [P1043] Ragazzoni R.
A new EU Horizon 2020 OPTICON network to study novel AO (and AO-related) methods and technologies for the E-ELT [P1044] Richard Myers
Commissioning LINC-NIRVANA on LBT [P1045] Rosalie C. McGurk
A solution to the MCAO partial illumination issue [P1046] Rosalie McGurk
GIRMOS - an Gemini MOAO spectrograph and pathfinder for TMT [P1047] S. Chapman
The LSST Real-Time Active Optics System [P1048] Sandrine Thomas
A testing facility for AO on-sky demonstrations at the Copernico’s Telescope within the ADONI framework [P1049] Simonetta Chinellato
The integration of the operational AO software into the LBTO [P1050] Xianyu Zhang
ULTIMATE-Subaru: Wide-field Near-infrared Surveyor with GLAO at Subaru telescope [P1051] Yosuke Minowa


Modelling and numerical simulations

The GreenFlash Real-time Simulator [P1052] Andrew P Reeves
Status of the MAORY numerical simulation tool [P1053] Carmelo Arcidiacono
 End-to-end simulations of a near-infrared pyramid sensor on Keck II [P1054] Cedric Plantet
Simulating the Performance of Pyramid Wavefront Sensors on Extended Objects and Broadband Sensing [P1055] Etsuko Mieda
MICADO SCAO numerical simulations [P1056] Fabrice Vidal
ROKET: erROr breaKdown Estimation Tool for adaptive optics systems [P1057] Florian Ferreira
Comparison of layer compression methods and joint optimization [P1058] Andreas Obereder
Analyzing the Operational Behavior of NFIRAOS LGS MCAO Acquisition on the Thirty Meter Telescope using SysML [P1059] Gelys Trancho
Simulations of a novel laser guide star: Projected pupil plane pattern (PPPP) [P1060] Huizhe Yang
The CAOS Problem-Solving Environment: tools for AO numerical modeling and post-AO deconvolution [P1061] M. Carbillet
Python based AOTools - There is a better way [P1062] Matthew J Townson
Latest AO simulation results for the E-ELT [P1063] Miska Le Louarn 
Integrated Modeling and Adaptive Optics [P1064] R. CONAN
Analyzing the Operational Behavior of the Alignment and Phasing System of the Thirty Meter Telescope using SysML [P1065] Sebastian J. I. Herzig
Performance of TMT's NFIROAS on Maunakea versus La Palma [P1066] Tony Travouillon
GMCAO simulation tool development [P1067] Valentina Viotto


  Tuesday 27th June  
  Invited talks  
  chair: Antonin Bouchez  
8:50 E-ELT design and status Michele Cirasuolo
  Current designs of E-ELT AO systems  
9:20 Wide-field Adaptive Optics for MOSAIC, the multiple object spectrograph for the E-ELT Tim Morris
9:40 The METIS Laser Tomographic AO system Remko Stuik
10:00 On the road to the Preliminary Design Review of the MAORY adaptive optics module for E-ELT Emiliano Diolaiti
10:20 Towards an overall astrometric error budget with MICADO-MCAO Gabriele Rodeghiero
10:40 The Adaptive Optics modes for HARMONI – From Classical to Laser Assisted Tomographic AO Benoit Neichel
11:00 Coffee break  
  Wavefront correction  
  chair: Norbert Hubin  
11:30 The E-ELT M4, on its way to become reality Elise Vernet
11:50  SWAP DM: preliminary design and schematics of a deformable mirror (DM) for extreme adaptive optics Teresa Kopf
12:10 Technology and control for extremely accurate and stable open-loop deformable mirrors Urban Bitenc
12:30 MEMS Deformable Mirrors for ELTs Paul Bierden
12:50 Segmented deformable mirrors for Ground layer Adaptive Optics Edward Kibblewhite
13:10 Next generation of piezo deformable mirrors Hubert Pages
13:30 Lunch  
  ELT science with AO  
  chair: Corinne Boyer  
14:50 High angular resolution at GTC: Science capabilities of FRIDA+GTCAO Almudena Prieto
15:10 Prospects of Deep Field Surveys with Global-MCAO on an ELT Elisa Portaluri
15:30 What do we really know about extrasolar planets? Katie M. Morzinski
  AO pathfinders and new concepts  
15:50 SCExAO as a prototyping platform available to the ELT extreme-AO community Olivier Guyon
16:10 Coffee break  
  chair: Thierry Fusco  
16:30 Which strategy for AO at LBTO in the 10+ years to come Christian Veillet
16:50 GRAAL on-sky performance with the AOF J. Paufique
17:10 ARGOS Imaging and Spectroscopy Performance at the LBT S. Rabien
17:30 Never enough resolution: boost it with KERNEL interferometry F. Martinache
18:00 Poster session 2  

Poster session 2

Wavefront correction

Next Generation Adaptive Optics on the TMT: A Low-Voltage ASIC Driver for MEMS Deformable Mirrors [P2001] Colin Ross
GMT M2 units positioners system design and analysis [P2002] Daniele Gallieni
Deformable mirror characterisation from ambient down to -40C [P2003] Francois Rigaut
The challenge of MOEMS Deformable Mirrors tested in cryo for future AO systems [P2004] Frederic Zamkotsian
The LBT Adaptive Secondary Thin Shells [P2005] G. Brusa
Re-commissioning of the VLT/UT4 telescope after the Deformable Secondary Mirror instalation [P2006] Hibon Pascale
XAO for the E-ELT and CHARA upgrade: Two examples of deformable mirror optimization [P2007] Julien Charton
Multiphysiscs dynamic simulation of the E-ELT M4 adaptive mirror during earthquake [P2008] Mauro Manetti
Direct expansion gas cooling technology applied to the E-ELT M4 adaptive mirror [P2009] R. Biasi
Optical calibration of the E-ELT adaptive mirror M4: testing protocol and assessment of the measurement accuracy [P2010] Giorgio Pariani
Optical calibration of the E-ELT adaptive mirror M4: Strategy for optical measurement error estimation  [P2011] Giorgio Pariani
Optical calibration of the E-ELT adaptive mirror M4: design, alignment and verification of the interferometric test tower [P2012] Giorgio Pariani
ESO’s Deformable Mirrors development program [P2013] Stefan Stroebele


Wavefront sensing

Using unmanned aerial vehicles for AO tip-tilt measurement [P2014] Alastair Basden
Roof- and Pyramid Wavefront Sensing with Extended Sources [P2015] Brent Ellerbroek
Numerical Evaluation of Pyramid Type Sensors for Extreme Adaptive Optics for the European Extremely Large Telescope [P2016] Byron Engler
The TP3-WFS: a new guy in town [P2017] Carlos Colodro Conde
Acquisiton with the TMT IRIS On-Instrument Wavefront Sensor System [P2018] David Andersen
Recovering pyramid WS gain in non-common path aberration correction mode via deformable lens [P2019] Demetrio Magrin
Phasing the GMT with a next generation e-APD dispersed fringe sensor: design and on-sky prototyping [P2020] Derek Kopon
On-sky performance of the QACITS pointing control technique with the Keck/NIRC2 vortex coronagraph [P2021] Elsa Huby
Current status and implementation of pyramid truth wavefront sensor on NFIROAS simulation bench at NRC-Herzberg [P2022] Etsuko Mieda
SHARK-VIS the LBT high contrast imager at visible wavelengths [P2023] F. Pedichini
SPOOF: Spot Packing Optimisation on Optical Frames [P2024] Francois Rigaut
Final performance of NGS2 at Factory Acceptance Tests [P2025] Francois Rigaut
On-sky performance demonstration of the near infrared SAPHIRA e-APD array and new developments of e-APD technology  [P2026] Gert Finger
Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor sensitivity loss factor estimation in partial correction regime [P2027] Carmelo Arcidiacono
The use of an axicon beam-shaping element in non-modulated pyramid wavefront sensors [P2028] Denis Brousseau
New wave front sensor for adaptive optics and cophasing of segmented mirrors [P2029] José Manuel Rodríguez-Ramos
Comparison of different wavefront sensing methods for phase discontinuity measurement [P2030] K. El Hadi
Focal plane complex wavefront sensing with coronagraphic phase diversity on the THD2 bench [P2031] L. M. Mugnier
Post-coronagraphic wavefront sensing for segmented pupils [P2032] Lucie Leboulleux
Development & Verification of the non-Linear Curvature Wavefront Sensor [P2033] Mala Mateen
Binary Adaptive Optics [P2034] Manuel P. Cagigal
Design and status of the NGS WFS of MAORY [P2035] Marco Bonaglia
Update AO Detector Developments at ESO [P2036] Mark Downing
Utility of Photon-Counting, Energy-Resolving Detectors in Wavefront Sensing [P2037] Michael P. Fitzgerald
Automatic determination of noises and gains of wavefront sensors on CANARY data [P2038] Michel Tallon
A low-cost, very high-order Shack-Hartmann sensor for testing TMT deformable mirrors [P2039] Mojtaba Taheri
Optical design, simulation and laboratory characterisation of CAWS: the Calibration and Alignment Wavefront Sensor for High-order adaptive optics [P2040] Nicolas Dubost
The Plenoptic Camera as wavefront sensor for the VTT Solar Telescope [P2041] Noelia Martínez Rey
Achromatic double-roof prism wavefront sensor: a cheaper alternative to the double-pyramid? [P2042] Olivier Lardière
Scintillation and ELTs [P2043] Ollie Farley
Wavefront sensing detectors: 2 decades of technological progress [P2044] Philippe Feautrier
Self-Coherent Camera At The Palomar Observatory [P2045] Raphaël Galicher
Speckle Statistics in Extreme Adaptive Optics Near-Infrared Images [P2046] Sean B. Goebel
Wavefront sensing for a future HabEx space telescope [P2047] Stefan Martin
Spatial Filtering of a Pyramid Wavefront Sensor on the High Order Testbench [P2048] Tyler Banas
Dispersed fringe sensor for phasing the multi-aperture optical telescope [P2049] Shengqian Wang
A Holographic Diffuser Generalised Optical Differentiation Wavefront Sensor [P2062] Luca Marafatto


ELT science with AO

 Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics (MCAO) images of the molecular hydrogen in the planetary nebula NGC 2346, obtained with GSAOI [P2050] Arturo Manchado
Searching for Habitable Exoplanets in the Alpha Centauri Star System with the 10-micron TIKI Camera [P2051] Christian Marois
Observing exoplanets with high dispersion coronagraphy. I. The scientific potential of current and next-generation large ground-based telescopes [P2052] Dimitri Mawet
AO science operations review: from the VLT to ELTs [P2053] Julien Girard
Looking for low-mass planets in Alpha Centauri with the VLT [P2054] Markus Kasper
Developing post-coronagraphic, high-resolution spectroscopy for terrestrial planet characterization on ELTs [P2055] Nemanja Jovanovic
QSO host galaxy and environments in the ELT era [P2056] Simona Paiano
The driving science for TMT’s AO systems [P2057] Warren Skidmore


Solar AO

Monte-Carlo modelling of solar adaptive optics systems [P2058] Alastair Basden
Adaptive optics for high precision polarimetry [P2059] Marco Stangalini
THEMIS solar adaptive optics: Laboratory integration and validations status before commissioning [P2060] Maud Langlois
Blur: Solar Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics Simulations [P2061] Jose Marino


  Wednesday 28th June  
  Invited talks  
  chair: Iciar Montilla  
8:40 EST MCAO system Thomas Berkefeld
9:10 DKIST AO system Jose Marino
  Solar AO  
9:40 Clear: advancing wide-field adaptive optics for observations of the Sun Dirk Schmidt
10:00 The Multi-Conjugate AO system of the EST: DM height determination for best performance using real daytime statistical turbulence data Icíar Montilla
10:20 Reducing the field of view in Correlating Wavefront Sensors for Solar Adaptive Optics Matthew J. Townson
10:40 An approach using deep learning for tomographic reconstruction in  solar observation Carlos González
11:00 Coffee break  
  Wavefront sensing  
  chair: Tim Morris  
11:30 Estimation of the low wind effect on SPHERE: results from an experimental bench and on-sky data Carlos Correia
11:50 LIFT on Keck: analysis of performance and first experimental results Cedric Plantet
12:10 Effect of segmented telescope phasing errors on adaptive optics performance Marcos van Dam
12:30 Multiple spatial frequencies wavefront sensing Roberto Ragazzoni
12:50 Towards on-sky coronagraphic wave-front sensing:  first experimental validation of coronagraphic phase diversity (COFFEE) in the presence of residual turbulence Olivier Herscovici-Schiller
13:10 ZELDA, a Zernike sensor for accurate calibration of aberrations in coronagraphic instruments: validation in VLT/SPHERE M. N'diaye
13:30 Lunch  
15:00 Visit to Teide Observatory  


  Thursday 29th June  
  Laser guide star systems  
  chair: Celine d'Orgeville  
9:00 Laser Workshop review Céline D'Orgeville
9:20 Terrestrial combination of multiple sodium guidestar laser beams for increased on-sky brightness Dr. Robert Johnson
9:40 First on-sky results of the CANARY experiment with an ELT-elongated sodium LGS Lisa Bardou
10:00 The Horizontal Structure Function of the Sodium Centroid in the upper Mesosphere Thomas Pfrommer
10:20  Laser Guide Star return flux at Cerro Paranal and at the Canary Islands Domenico Bonaccini Calia
10:40 LGS spot truncation mitigation in ELTs: optimizing the pixel usage Leonardo Blanco
11:00 Coffee break  
  Wavefront sensing  
  chair: Simone Esposito  
11:30 Infrared detectors for wavefront sensing JL Gach
11:50 Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors for High Contrast Imaging Benjamin A. Mazin
12:10 e2v sensors for adaptive optics wavefront sensing Paul Jorden
  AO pathfinders and new concepts  
12:30 Three years of SPHERE operation at the VLT: status, future prospects and lessons learned for ELT instrumentation Jean-Luc Beuzit
12:50 `imaka - a wide-field GLAO demonstrator for Maunakea Jessica Lu
13:10 Riding the waves with AOLI: presentation, commissioning and AIV innovations Sergio Velasco
13:30 Lunch  
  AO reconstruction and control  
  chair: Yutaka Hayano  
14:50 Towards minimum-variance control of ELTs AO systems Caroline Kulcsár
15:10 Tomographic errors for wide field AO systems on E-ELTs ? impact on telescope design and ultimate performances T. Fusco
15:30 On the optimality of wavefront reconstructors from gradients at the ELT scale Clémentine Béchet
15:50 On-sky testing of algorithms for extended LGS spots Alastair Basden
16:10 Coffee break  
  chair: Caroline Kulcsar  
16:30 Mitigate the impact of ELT architecture on AO performance: learn from todays?s telescopes to characterize and prevent the low-wind M. N'Diaye
16:50 Closed-loop Estimation of the AO Interaction Matrix with Minimal Perturbation Niek Doelman
17:10 Green Flash: Exploiting future and emerging computing technologies for AO RTC at ELT scale Damien Gratadour
18:00 Poster session 3  
20:30 Conference dinner  

Poster session 3

Laser guide star systems

Canary Phase D: On Sky Testing of the European ELT LGS AO Configuration [P3001] Andrew P Reeves
Semiconductor Guidestar Laser for Astronomy, Space, and Laser Communications [P3002] Celine d'Orgeville
Experiments at the WHT on LGS-AO with Pyramid WFS and pulsed lasers [P3003] Domenico Bonaccini Calia
Tracking the sodium layer altitude with GeMS in the era of NGS2 [P3004] Eduardo Marin
predicting the photon returns from the sodium layer using a pulsed laser format [P3005] Edward Kibblewhite
Aircraft safety and operational efficiency during LGS operations at the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory [P3006] Gustavo Rahmer
Trade-off evaluation of the alternatives for GTC Laser Guide Star (LGS) System [P3007] J. Sánchez-Capuchino
Modeling the response of mesospheric sodium to pulsed-laser excitation [P3008] Joschua A. Hellemeier
Laser Guide Star Objective of MAORY [P3009] Matteo Lombini
LGS AO error budget analysis using Keck II AO telemetry data [P3010] Matthias Schoeck
Ingot Laser Guide Stars WaveFront Sensing [P3011] Ragazzoni R.
Development of extreme narrow band filter for LGS daytime use [P3012] Yutaka Hayano


Site testing and characterization

Water vapor forecast for LBTI (LBTO) and VISIR (VLT) [P3013] Alessio Turchi
Turbulence Profiling at Cerro Las Campanas Using a Laser Scintillometer [P3014] Antonin H. Bouchez
CATS : a new station for a complete characterization of atmospheric turbulence [P3015] Aziz ZIAD
The Generalized FASS (Full Aperture Seeing Sensor): filling the lower altitudes of the Cn2 profile [P3016] Clémentine Béchet
Quantitative characterisation of sky conditions on Paranal with the microwave radiometer LHATPRO – perspectives toward science operations of the E-ELT [P3017] Florian Kerber
Photometry and Spectrum measurements of the Laser Guide Star beam emission at Observatorio del Roque de Los Muchachos with the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS [P3018] G. Lombardi
Stereo-SCIDAR at ESO: One year of results [P3019] James Osborn
Evaluation of statistical turbulence models for use in the Distributed Kalman Filter [P3020] Jesse Cranney
Determining ground layer turbulence statistics using a SLODAR-type method  [P3021] Jonatan Lehtonen
Coherence time ($tau_0$) at Roque de los Muchachos Observatory (Canary Islands) [P3022] Julio Castro-Almazan
The Canarian Observatories G-SCIDAR turbulence profile database (CanSciDat): data release [P3023] Julio Castro-Almazan
Estimation of daytime vertical turbulence profile at Obervatorio del Teide from the radiosonde database [P3024] Luzma Montoya
Sodium Layer Statistics from the Canary High-Resolution Sodium Profiler [P3025] Matthew J Townson
Atmospheric coherence time and turbulence altitude information from the SHIMM seeing monitor [P3026] Saavidra Perera
Nowcasting and forecasting of the surface layer of turbulence at Paranal Observatory [P3027] Timothy Butterley
Site characterization at Mount Stromlo Observatory: the first results [P3028] Visa Korkiakoski
Turbulence profiling simulation for tomographic AO systems in ELTs [P3029] Yoshito Ono


AO reconstruction and control

New adaptive optics Tomographic Pupil Image reconstructor based on convolutional neural networks [P3030] Carlos Gonzalez Gutiérrez
Low-order mode estimation in LTAO systems from natural guide stars  [P3031] Carlos M. Correia
The measurement of the Interaction Matrices for the LINC-NIRVANA MCAO [P3032] Carmelo Arcidiacono
Fourier reconstruction for future adaptive optics systems [P3033] Charlotte Z Bond
Optimising the performance of a Pyramid WFS: tracking the optical gain [P3034] Charlotte Z Bond
RTC strategies for Harmoni SCAO and LTAO modes  [P3035] Cyril Petit
ELT-scale real-time control on Intel Xeon Phi and many core CPUs [P3036] David Jenkins
A generic and scalable heterogeneous architecture for real-time computing and performances measurements in AO [P3037] denis perret
Optical design and wavefront control for vortex coronagraphs on large segmented aperture telescopes [P3038] Garreth Ruane
Preliminary performance results of the "Weighted Fourier Phase Slope" centroiding method for Shack Hartmann wavefront sensors obtained with the OOMAO simulator [P3039] Haresh M. Chulani
Bumpless SPHERE LQG tip/tilt control with the control switching adaptor [P3040] Henri-François Raynaud
Two novel algorithms for wavefront reconstruction from pyramid sensor data: Convolution with Linearized Inverse Filter and Pyramid Fourier Transform Reconstructor [P3041] Iuliia Shatokhina
ADRC: a strategy to deal with adaptive optics feedback control [P3042] Luis F. Rodríguez-Ramos
Time performance setup for the GTCAO real-time control host [P3043] José Marco de la Rosa
GTC AO Mechanisms Software Control [P3044] Josefina Rosich
A GPU based RTC for E-ELT Adaptive optics: RTC prototype [P3045] Julien Bernard
Performance of the extreme-AO instrument SPHERE and dependence on the atmospheric conditions [P3046] Julien Milli
Wind Predictive Wavefront Control  [P3047] Tom Herbst
Distributed Kalman filter implementation issues for ELT AO control [P3048] Léonard Prengère
Real time controller based on FPGA and DSP for solar AO system and solar MCAO prototype [P3049] Youming Guo
Performance of  AO predictive control in the presence of non-stationary turbulence [P3050] Maaike van Kooten
The ARGOS vibration compensation system [P3051] Matthias Rosensteiner
Real-time Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor reference scaling compensates for beacon size and shape [P3052] Michael J. Steinbock
Feedback control baseline strategies for GTC adaptive optics with NGS [P3053] Miguel Núñez
Efficient supervision strategy  for  tomographic AO systems on E-ELT [P3054] N. Doucet
FPGA based microserver for high performance real-time computing in Adaptive Optics [P3055] R. Biasi
Reconstruction Methods for Adaptive Optics [P3056] Ronny Ramlau
Wavefront Reconstruction from Pyramid Sensor Measurements based on the Inversion of the Finite Hilbert Transform [P3057] Victoria Hutterer
Modal Control Gains Optimization for the Pyramid Wavefront Sensor:  Numerical Simulations and Optical Bench Validation [P3058] Vincent Deo
Efficient tomographic wave-front reconstruction with Toeplitz matrix structure for LTAO systems in ELTs [P3059] Yoshito Ono


Post-processing of AO data

Correction of distortion for Wide Field Adaptive Optics images  [P3060] Anaïs Bernard
PSF reconstruction for integral field spectrograph [P3061] Anna Ciurlo
Processing multispectral high-contrast images: MEDUSAE, an inverse problem approach [P3062] Cantalloube Faustine
PSF reconstruction via full turbulence estimation and telescope end-to-end simulation [P3063] Clémentine Béchet
Accurate uncertainty estimation in crowded fields observed with AO [P3064] E. Gallego-Cano
Processing diffraction-limited images through innovative Super-Resolution techniques [P3065] Sergio Velasco
Post-coronagraphic PSF sharpening with the vortex coronagraph [P3066] Gilles Orban de Xivry
Point spread function reconstruction analysis, modelling, simulations, and tests on the HeNOS bench at NRC-Herzberg [P3067] Luc Gilles
Point Spread Function Determination at W. M. Keck Observatory: Science Verification and Facility Development  [P3068] Sam Ragland


  Friday 30th June  
  Site testing and characterization  
  chair: Begoña García-Lorenzo  
9:00 Multi-directional SLODAR for daytime turbulence profiling observing the Sun Elizabeth Carlisle
9:20 The first detection of laser-induced Raman scattering at Cerro Paranal Frédéric P.A. Vogt
9:40 Na LGS height profiles from the WLGSU experiments at the Teide Observatory Julio Castro-Almazán
10:00 Optimised Turbulence & Wind Speed Profiling Using AO Telemetry Douglas J Laidlaw
10:20 Towards forecasts of atmospheric parameters and optical turbulence for ground-based telescopes operation Elena Masciadri
10:40 Study of cirrus clouds and implications in the variability of laser propagation light and variability of fratricide effect Angel Otarola
11:00 Coffee break  
  Wavefront sensing  
  chair: Matteo Lombini  
11:30 Pyramid WFS Tolerance Study for NFIRAOS NGS AO Lianqi Wang
11:50 Telescope pupil tracking using a Pyramid WFS Jean-Pierre Véran
12:10 Extreme Adaptive Optics Pyramid Wavefront Sensor Testbed Lauren H. Schatz
12:30 Sensing and control of segmented mirrors with a Pyramid wavefront sensor Noah Schwartz
12:50 A deconvolution-based formalism for Modulated pyramid WFS Benoit Neichel
13:10 Experimental experience with a Pyramid wave-front sensor: lessons learned for future ELTs Charlotte Z Bond
13:30 Lunch  
  Modelling and numerical simulations  
  chair: Brent Ellerbroek  
14:50 MAORY design trade-off study: tomography dimensioning Sylvain Oberti
15:10 On the performance of reconstruction methods in the presence of spiders Andreas Obereder
15:30 Overview of AO calibration strategies in the ELT context Cedric Heritier
15:50 Updated TMT vibration budget and vibration environment Hugh Thompson
16:10 The Giant Magellan Telescope Phasing System: algorithms and performance simulations Fernando Quiros-Pacheco


The schedule of the programme can be downloaded here.